The Way We Love

“The Way We Love”

“If words were the only crutch, we all should be mum.”

Love has no boundaries and no names.

With no species and no chase,

Love is just a theme, which even doesn’t need the name of its own word for expression.

Love is just a theme.”

The story in the air these days may hit our brains in various dimensions and may make us feel pity for our individual species. But the range of this curse that humanity has just felt will not remain to be a small affair of discussion but should be felt within. There can be no heal to the one who has already lost everything, but the remains of that existence will always remind us all for what we have done to this creature who has known to be Man’s friend since ever. 


From riding on their backs, to worship that they do with us we have always kept them parallel to Lord Ganesha who is a pious name to be chanted for Indian culture. Nationality still has nothing much to do with love as love has no boundaries but the silence of peace exchange and showers of love will surely be a matter of distress that may hurt our deeds.When we were waiting to see the world, the feeling our mom had cannot be dreamt off and same was her feelings.

It is not that we were different, we were all same, and we were all in love. Our hearts sinking lately and we are guilty but will that really solve the purpose? Will that really bring her back? Will that really make one more member of our Love family feel this word again?


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