Children's Day

“Children's Day”

“Children are the human form of god; this is a special day for all of us and a forever green one.”

Let’s see the beautiful smiles around us getting wider today, it’s their day, let us all make them feel important this day. Let’s cherish this in the best’s way as these are the golden days. Irrespective of what age are you now, it is your day too because for someone you will always remain kids. 

Happy Children’s day to all.

14th November is celebrated as Children day or Bal Divas every year on the birth anniversary of our first prime minister of India, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru ji.

Nehru ji had a feeling of love for every next child in the world and called them the future of the nation. His love for kids was always enormous and was called Chacha Nehru by all. He encouraged education and foundation of life to be drafted well to have a better tomorrow.


After his sad demise this day was announced to be celebrated as Children’s day every year and is celebrated in all schools, colleges and even private places with great enthusiasm and festivity.

Children are the innocent sapling of today who shall be given good care and proper upbringing. Their moulding in life will strengthen their roots and will give them the right direction towards creating their gardens. It is at this tender age when education plays its role and the best comes out of them. The future is nourishing, let’s give our positive sprinkles of water, sunlight and good compost to receive sweet fruits in the near future.

Let’s not make them feel pressure as this is the age of both getting suffocated or breathing high and flying towering in the sky of dreams.