Self Love

“Self Love”

“Small things will always remain unexecuted until you do them for yourself”

Back in 80’s there was a beautiful girl Sheena who had stunning long hairs that were praised by all. She was a simple usual girl of a middle class family who was educated till graduation and was now getting ready to achieve her next milestone of a home maker. Sheena never knew anything special about herself, which she would have admired or have thought off. People around her praised her bouncy hairs and complimented her to tie them with a scarf to decorate them at times.

Sheena heard them all but didn’t think of asking her parents or her brother to buy a scarf for her as a marriage present. She wore the dresses that were gifted, cooked what her family liked, she slept when everyone was done with food and she got up before anyone else could. This was her everyday story and continued for years. She often thought of buying things for her family, kids and husband and invested her savings of few 100’s over them. All her life she kept on thinking of her long beautiful hairs that were gradually loosing the charm.

The length was static and the density was deteriorating with every passing day. She wanted to tie them once with a scarf she had dreamt off but no one ever gifted her that. She then decided to buy it for herself and after collecting a few cents she went to a shop to buy one.

“850 Rs for this one, Mam”

That was huge for her. She thought for a while and then refused to buy saying that this is not the print she was looking for. 

“I think this is not what I am looking for, Thanks”

This was actually what she was always looking for but she was not having enough to spend on herself and she opted to neglect her desire.  

She kept on fading her wishes for a petty piece of cloth and when she finally got it as a gift from daughter she was left with no hairs to tie and all she could do was cry on her neglecting attitude for herself.

Sheena just wished for a scarf all her life and that made her feel low forever. But we all are quite optimistic and we desire a lot of things all our life. We like them, we try to get them and at times we also neglect them. But then it is about regretting forever for everything that we didn’t do.

So let’s not keep ignoring our big and small wishes, let’s not be dependent on anyone else to do them for us. Make yourself happy, love yourself and buy your scarf to tie your hairs today as maybe tomorrow those hairs might leave you like Sheena’s hair did.