We might sound egotistic at times, when we say  I did it  but the fact is that we all are still that miniature nervous kid who has been hiding himself behind his mom when an unfamiliar hand approaches towards him/her. At times of unhappiness, plight and disappointments we try our best to ensure that we find solution, we even try to find out people around us who might appear rather more calibrated. But if nothing looks like actually happening and we fail to find a solution by the visible livings around, we join our hands and look towards the wide sky.We don t have a specific name to our belief, for some it might be God, for some it might be Jesus, for some it is Allah, for some it is their Guru in heaven and for some it is their eternal power. People find their beliefs in the one who has transformed their bad times into good once anytime post there worships.

There is no such stamp where we are distributed to any religion forever. We have the right to opt for our belief by our own with the favour of time. At times we question our belief when we sit alone, How can we trust, when there are so many who couldnt help, or we might jiggle our thoughts with the assurance of actually saving us from a terrible situation. But there is no one who makes this belief of ours a two way conversation, it always is one that is we who speaks and the other one possibly our idol who listens. Now here is where the secret lies, assuring someone with continues words might not be a healer to their sorrows but being a patient listener will definitely be an instrument of soothing. We all are the unique creation of nature that have their senses and souls quite concerned about themselves where we ensure pre-praising to guarantee our upcoming days to be good. We may take pains to facilitate our saviour in whom we show our belief, to make sure they give the returns to us. But in real they dont give us any response when we go and see them, but they listen to us and that's the real medicine. A very few of us may realise this to be a living fact as all of us still belief in things to be bribed , which actually is not a step of purity. Instead it is about us being calm by sharing our mind with someone who is a patient listener and ultimately keeping our belief in their court. That's where patience comes into existence in our plate too. The firm belief that we are expected to give in return comes into role and one achieves his/her aspiration towards life. One must not switch their idols with their unachieved beliefs; instead one must keep calm and wait for the right day. If not this one, possibly the next one is the planned blessing for them which indeed will strengthen their belief.