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“Literary World”

The doors to the literary world

In the dark roads of life we always need a beam of light to start. This world of literature, writings and storytelling is a huge arena where in numerous talents jump in to mark their footprints. Now this might be a challenge that everyone will excel but helping hands shall never be overlooked as they are the once who give supporters to the dreamy eyes to walk swiftly in their dream world.

The two names that I have usually heard by Authors and the people in this industry that have sometime helped them are Sharing stories and literary Voice. These are groups of real dynamic individuals who live the dreams of others and make them come true by their selfless attitude and concern for the budding authors of the future.

I came across this Sharing stories initiative last month while I was promoting my book over social media. With a selfless attitude the team of Sharing stories helped me to list my book on their portal and helped me promptly to understand the need of this broadcast. They took me to the world of amazing authors, their books; lives, their vision towards writing and their successful status as a writer. Now the best thing about Sharing stories is that they push you with a lot of lessons to be learned and to utilize them in your future plans and the most important is that this is for no selfish terms. They believe in connecting authors and building world.

I really wish they keep on growing this way and make a new community of authors where a lot of budding members will pave their career marks.

The second one which has highly impressed me is the team of Literary voice which analyses you well and tells you more about yourself by their amazing questionnaire that I personally recommend every author to read, analyse and implement to improve their past footmarks.

Such groups of intellects are highly recommended to everyone who finds difficulty in accomplishing their dreams. Be a member of such enthusiasts, meet them, tell them and they will make it happen for you!