Pollution Delhi

“Pollution Delhi”

“Breathing in clean air is the fundamental right of Human survival.”

Superficially if we throw light on this crucial matter of the extensive pollution in the capital of India, Delhi has now crossed all the limits of pollution and the raising level of Air quality Index (AQI) which has almost crossed 400 in the city. The victims are not just precise till the habitants of Delhi but are also the natives of Punjab, Haryana, UP and the entire NCR.

What bothers the innocent common man is that instead of fighting with this challenge with a measurable solution and also resolving it the power holders are focusing on their political image and are making strong efforts to show their good heartedness in this concern.

The semi appreciated and semi criticised idea of odd even vehicles to be rolled on the roads of Delhi is a step that is claimed to be a small pace in this agenda. 

“Every year like my Diwali vacations and Winter break I also wait for this 10-15 days of rupture from breathing fresh air”- An innocent victim of the poisonous AQI states.

People have now taken it as their individual responsibility and are making their small contributions in various ways. A few precautions that can be taken to give your contribution are as follows:

  1. Avoid going for exercise and walks in the areas with higher pollution levels.

  2. Use less electric equipments and less power at home as the harmful emissions from such sources contribute in the increasing AQI.

  3. Try using pool vehicle system to avoid more discharge of pollutants. Combine trips, public transports, buses, trains should be the option to travel rather than private vehicles.

  4. Avoid burning of Wood, fires on agriculture lands, thrash and fireworks as they are the source to most rapid air pollutants.

  5. Illegal industrial activities should be completely stopped to reduce the raising AQI Index.

  6. Individual awareness and responsibility initiating will also be a major component as the activism of Social defence volunteers is not enough in a big ratio of 1:1000 where destruction is from 1000.

Intentions of our public servants should not be questioned always, as blame game won’t give us the quality of air that our respiratory organ is missing. But rather let’s take our steps, realize the small contribution that we are giving unknowingly to this raising AQI and rectify our mistakes by putting small offerings in improvising the degrading level.

“The right to breathe is not just to be granted, this has to earned and maintained.”