“I am an Indian and I respect all the religions equally. There would be no change in my relationship with other religions with the awaited decision but I hope the others around me understand the same.”

People around me are already talking a lot about the awaited decision of the honoured Supreme Court’s verdict about the Ayodhya dispute. I personally feel that I am getting forced to nod my head onto one side even though when my heart sinks thinking about either of the community who is about to lose their hope. When I sat alone to think about the conflict that is highlighting two communities and the media is making good business by playing with their emotions, I understood that there might be a lot like me who must be afraid of the decision.

It is not like I am not wishing for Babri Masjid to be the decision for Ayodhya kand but I also don’t want Ram mandir to not be there in the decision. Basically I am hung between the rigid social groups that are standing both sides and are fighting for the so called prestige. Moreover, while exchanging gazes with some innocent feelings like mine I have read that even they are not willing to hear the one-sided decision. Are we still stuck in the barriers of the so called “Izzat” where we have to forcefully show our hatred towards the other community just to stand with our community?

Yes, and that is why even in a democratic and free nation like India our Freedom of expression is still a myth. I want to look in all yours eye and ask you, is your inner conscious willing to win by making one loose? Take a halt, think about your teacher of the other community who has given you the lessons of life, the rikshaw driver who drives you to your school every morning, the co-worker who sits next to you and go for his/her 5 time namaz every day, your best friend who invites you for her Sundar Kand path every month. Do you want them to loose and you to win?

I might be cursed for raising such a statement in public forum from both the communities, but I am not at all talking about the Result of Ram Mandir and Babri Masjid dispute. I am only talking about a neutral thing that can come for both the communities, I am not even clear what it can really be but something that makes no one cry. Something that brings smiles and satisfaction in all those thirsty eyes and something that keeps my bond alive with all my opposite community heart owners. 


Ram janm Bhoomi and Babri masjid both are two would be destinations for us but the smiles, love, togetherness, happiness that we share today are the beauty of present. Let’s keep them alive and not make our bonds of love bitter in the name of a Verdict.”