“Destinations are not just non living spaces but are the places of memories and togetherness.”

These days of lockdown have caged us home and we miss our everyday spots of hangout. Life was amazingly beautiful in the regular days in the city of lakes Bhopal. Shan-ae-Bhopal is famous for numerous destinations with their unique sensations and their beauties. A few of them are just the top rated and were the routine spots which are not just missed now but are imagined to be grabbed again.

Ranging from the Flavours of Raju tea stall, Bhopal shimmers with the prayers of Allah at Tajul Masjid . The fresh air at Kaliyasot Dam refreshes the breaths of almost every Bhopali citizen.

 The fresh water and the crystalline sunshine that falls on the water body was the pleasure to lot many eyes. The shops of DB City mall are not just for filling shopping bags but are the destinations for window shoppers to please their eyes with such treats. 

Shahpura Lake and Boat club are the evening destinations for almost all ages, be it the evening walk paths to the meeting points. Bhopal encompasses a life within it and makes this a heaven to stay. Yes indeed life walks slowly here but makes people livelier, caring and blesses the city with peace.

Bhopal is missed and we all are waiting for life to get normalized soon. 

A tribute to the city of lakes.