“You can think of it now, even the government is not going to restrict you with 50 people.”

My typical Indian grandma is making noise with this statement around the house. The corona era has now reached the peak of new normal and even the required restrictions are getting little relaxations to let people enjoy their basic amenities. Now as per my plans, which I was postponing in the name of Corona era the topic of conversation has again resumed to the Jeevansaathi membership which my Grandma and my mother are going to buy this January. 

I am a person who plans everything well, remains committed and perform the same with complete dedication. As promised last year I was supposed to have Jeevansaathi application in my phone from January 2021 so that in a buffer of two years or so I can come up with my decision of getting married. Now for a person like me who was not even aware of my Jeevansaathi was wondering to create a detailed Bio to express myself and also help the other one understand if he would really be interested.

For many of us who are or will be looking for a partner in a while the prospect may vary. We all are different and we want our lives to be diverse in several ways. Mine is the old school world and I want somebody to not just walk in my life but I want him to live my life and I will live his. Really small things make you feel coupled with somebody and I want to have them all. So let’s sketch all what comes into our mind when we think of this To-be- Jeevansaathi.

I want that the two of us should like each other even when we are in the sportiest attires as we would still love the inner soul. We should not think over to speak with each other; it has to be that clear and that comfy. Understanding and contributing in each other’s wishes and dreams should never stop rather if one looses the other one should pick the drowning one and make him/her stand again. From small things of arranging birthday surprises to ensuring that you eat well. Hearing the long office chaos should never lose that interest and the two of us should know everything that runs in our blood. Parents will be multiplied and so both of the couples should get one more child in their house, the two should be that loving. From New Year hugs to holi bashes to Diwali lights to vacation trips, everything that we do should reside mutually. Ensuring that none of the two feel choked and that does not need space always but can be achieved even by silent presence that is even more pleasing. 

Now there comes a question to all our brains, “Do we still have such people? All this can just be in stories!” No actually it is about different behaviours that people may have. Yes a few may not be that comfortable at starting this from the day 1, but then the partner has to comprehend, respect and give some time to let the other person do things once he feels that calmness in the relationship.

Even when we date a mate at times it is one sided, the efforts, the contributions but then we always keep that patience to let the other person feel the same about us but that may surely take some time or say a long time but then it all comes collectively with a lot of happiness and no end.

Be it Jeevansaathi application or a real Jeevansaathi I meet in my life the feelings shall continue to be selfless and pious like they remain with our family members. Because the one sitting away today will be an add up to your family tomorrow!!