Sushant Singh

“Sushant Singh”

“Smiles may look really beautiful but the eyes usually spill out the pains”

It is usually misunderstood that happiness lies beneath the artificial tantrums of fame, social status and lavish life style. But the reality has just touched us all deeply with the sad demise of Sushant Singh Rajput who was a happy public figure apparently but had a lot bursting inside.

It is tough to find out that pains are boiling around as smiles usually are an easy way to evaluate whether people are happy or not. And almost each one of us does the same while analysing the mental status of an individual. We even drag ourselves in a judgemental situation when we feel an emotional trauma within, that a day out and a laughing aloud may heal our storm but unfortunately that is not the solution. Our unbalanced situation and loneliness that bursts within should better come out as it may result into severe outcomes.

“This life is not just ours; it is of many who have known us.”

Sushant has left a lot of eyes teary at a very young age of 34 Years where he has left his father, sisters, friends, family and a countless list of fans behind. The status symbol that is expected from celebrities made him fade so much that he lost his life. We will always love, respect and miss the superstar but he had a long way to go. He had promises to keep and milestones to be achieved but in the world full of various followers he was unfortunately all alone which made him collapse this badly.

“Life may sound tough but each one of us has a power within which should really be known and lived”.