Citizenship Amendment Bill

“Citizenship Amendment Bill”

“Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019- CAB has been a matter of huge debates and discussions. The variance in opinion shall be considered the liberty of expression that the citizens of the nation behold and are paving towards.”

Know the CAB : The CAB or the Citizenship Amendment Bill is a bill which shall give Indian citizenship to the various Non Muslims heads of Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Under this bill the people of various

communities i.e. non Muslim Sikhs, Parsi’s, Jain’s, Christian’s, Buddhist’s who have arrived in the boundaries of nation before 31 st December 2014 will be contracted with the citizenship of the nation.

The major question of discussion that has numerous differences in opinion is about the status removal of illegal immigrants that will be taken off from this section of people who have arrived in the nation before 31 st Dec 2014. 


The main course of spot is the wave of responsibility that every citizen of the nation is showing by their way of expressing distress or happiness over the same. Though the coverage of saying it solely correct or incorrect will be a major mislead but the fire of discussion shall take the initiative to settle down with rather more diversified angles of presentation towards the disputed bill.

“To be precise it might be a final destination searched by many and on the contrary might appeara false theme to a few.”