Trend Boundaries

“Trend Boundaries”

The old lyrics of a Bollywood song uttering the blameless nature of Birds, Rivers and winds who remain uninformed of the restrictions that are drawn beneath the sky always touch the cords of our heart for the true reality of an artificial living. We might be happy if we win over a piece of land and might celebrate for the victory, but why don’t we celebrate for the happiness that people may live in those boundaries. The self-regarding unseen nature remains in each of us, which at times shall be thought to dropped off and think for the whole together.

If we talk about happiness then it comes from togetherness, well-being, contentment, cheerfulness, peace exchange and empathizing.

But we still strive for the other decorative items that may actually not appear that fascinating. The root cause of such conflicts comes from the cruel feeling of snatching others throne and winning over someone else’s happy time. Which ultimately provokes the sentiments of an individual and the thought of revenge comes into existence.

Now the contractors of the society give them their own names on the grounds of religion, race and nations which are sometimes a show stopper state of agenda to attract the innocent creatures who hold a small bicycle of satisfaction in their houses.

“Don’t just hear and make perceptions, rather feel it, live it and take decisions.”

We are no one to decide that what belongs to who but we can always live everything without owning it and that’s what the mantra of our mother nature is. Yes it’s hard to accept this truth in the materialistic world of today when each one of us are chasing towards the next step from our vision boards, there are still a few who take this living a mere wastage of human blessing. We can live it in a complete different way and also can strengthen our feelings of togetherness which rather spread life around in place of rebellions.

“We still may have a new day of conquering feelings but there will always be innocent spirits and smiles peeping from our window panes, compelling us to forget what have happened in the past.”


We may always have the evil memories that will keep the revenge living. There will be nothing except disaster that may turn in all our lives. Let’s not stretch it more and keep it in our lives forever, rather let’s wipe off the bad recollections and take a flight to a brighter future highlighting TOGETHERNESS.