The Care Free

“The Care Free”

“And now I am happy at home, the world inside is also a place to visit”

These days have brought us closer to our family members. It was uninvited and unwanted vacation but yet a time to be home. We don’t want such vacations ever in our lives again but that’s how life is, Unpredictable. I had numerous plans for the coming days, my plans of vacations, my reading lists, and the to-do summers which have all taken a turn with the hidden plan of life. But under the cover of this unplanned summer I have realized the value of living in today.

“Tomorrow I will do this, tomorrow I will live it.” Now looks myth to me. Why tomorrow when you even don’t know the very next moment. This COVID’19 did not offer us any deadline to roam around the streets.

It was just a pretty morning when we got up from our beds and realized that oh the world has undergone a lockdown and we are home now.

The thirst of tomorrow is still not under control as we are planning more for post quarantine plans and not for the days at home. Why can’t we think of a must do happening of life and getting it accomplished only when at home. Yes indeed that may sound superficial and we may cry for the WFH Trend which is even more hectic than regular office days, but hidden is a peace that we all smell and breathe around. So don’t waste a day more, we have to do a lot and the world might get back to the regular days soon. That indeed will be a rest to the world but let’s start living in today as none of us know how tomorrow is going to be.

Live this day, be carefree, be messy, just be you and live your today’.