Work From Home

“Work From Home”

“Stay home, stay safe.”

At least by now all our family time has finally got his edges sharp. As always said that life keeps us too busy and staying with parents cannot be thought of apparently too. But this not so happening era of corona has finally made that happen. We all have been home now for 5 months exactly today on 24th August 2020. I wonder what all these 5 months have changed in our lives. So at least for the blessed IT folks like me and a few around me the working culture, the pressure and the schedule of 10-7 have not moved anyway. We still sit in front of that mute machine considering it to be the most intelligent device. Well my opinions have changed a bit by now.

I don’t consider my laptop to be my life now at least between 10-7 as that seems to be the need of life. But I actually find pleasure with my laptop before and after office as these days of being at home have made me realize the necessity, the luxuries, the happiness and the battles of life. Luckily I am amongst those few lucky people who can live with their families for all their lives and not get bored. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. So, I am little happy with the comfort zone of my bedroom and the big window sill which I never imagined had so much both in and out. Now the next merit of being home is to get multitasking too. The dishes in the basin will be waiting for you and the floor will shout that you will have to clean it now, as it is the entire week when you kept on mopping it in bits and pieces. Actually we are getting trained to be self dependent which we have almost lost in the past few years by getting complete shoulders on our house help. Yes indeed initially it was tough as DYI sounds good in creativity but in this context DIY might not sound a trendy affair.

I found a few neighbours who were quite happy as soon as the government took back the imposed lockdown in my town as they felt that now they were free to fly around. But that’s no sense as it was not for their pleasure but this is the need of the hour. Yes you might be away from your family, friends, near and dear ones but that is bridged luckily by the modern technology and we can at least see them throughout. Keep counting the days as a lot of us have been doing since a while. These days of change will go away soon, we will have a clear sky and our travel plans again really soon.

Till then, “Stay home, stay safe.”