Love For Food With Google

“Love For Food With Google”

“The changing days have built a new profession. We all are certified chefs now.”

Cooking was tough?

Yes it was years back. But now the modern trend and the changing culture of Internet has made this so could tough job a matter of click. With the changing scenario the past days have made us all a trained cook who cannot just be qualified to feed his/her stomach but also can satisfy the thirst of a perfect treat.

Google trends have declared that the world has been mad over Top 10 recipes which have now reached a historic Search pattern with an increase of about 5000% of their past searches.

The club of these mouthwatering dishes starts from the fascinating flavor of a well baked cake at the number 1 position. The menu of every small and big party is always incomplete without a well baked cake. The relevance of cake is the sweetness that it garnishes in all our lives and turns up our mood.

The second place is held by a cup of coffee. A lot can happen over a cup of coffee is now getting dragged with a lot can heal with a cup of coffee.

The third place is managed by the feast of summer that is a scoop of chilled mango ice cream that is indeed a pleasant mood uplighter.

Life without Momo’s is a myth and that’s why we have entitled the fourth position to this nutritious and tasty starter which fills our mouth with its wonderful sizzles.

Indian dishes remain the fascinations and so the southern part of the country has managed holding its place at the fifth number with a healthy stuffed potato filling served with Sambhar and chatni.

The sixth position is held by Paneer which shows our never ending love for dairy products and our please of having them in our food list since ever.

The seventh place is grabbed by flavored water and the ultimate creation of Indians that is a plate of PaniPuri which remains the first love of Indian Girls.

The Tradition of Gujarat has showered its culture in the world by adding Dhokla at the eighth position which is indeed a delightful dish of the state and also ensures health at power.

The ninth place is held by the sweetness of the country, Jalebi which is regarded as a symbol of happiness and pleasure in thenation.

The tenth place is made by Samosa which remains a forever starter of all food lovers and brings pleasure to our bellies.

The above list has indeed been on the most searched trends of Google and a perfect plan to survive in these hard days of lockdown.