“Krishna –He was from no religion but practised the belief of love and integrity”

Where the rest of the world is busy finding various ways to gain peace of mind and happiness from diverse sources and practises, there is still the real happiness that lies in one everlasting phrase,

“Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare,

Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare”

The power of the phrase encompasses all humans irrespective of their race, cast, religion, birthplace and names. The religion of love and belief is what reflects in his smile and beauty of his soul. Chanting this mantra for the next 10 minutes might not sound that convincing to you but once you try this for the same the positive vibes that surround you might really change your vision towards life.

The monetary constraints, the thirst of acquiring may lose its basis and the satisfaction of giving and sharing may give a peaceful nap to each one of us. 

When you once read the living of Krishna you might get confused about his way of spreading love which was not truly accepted by the society. But his pure soul and believe in himself is what kept him away from the misconceptions that the society may draft from him.

Life always gave a number of challenging phases in the survival of Lord Krishna too then what importance can we expect for us. The myth of a happy life free from worries, hard times and struggles will nullify the beauty of good times and the cheerfulness of happy moments.

“A sword or a pin both will have their own utilizations and necessities. Either of them cannot be exchanged in their use ever”

The uniqueness that you may carry in yourself will always be of some use in your life and will hold an important place in your vision towards life, people might hurry to reduce your strengths with void blames but the beauty of uniqueness should be kept alive.

Krishna is not just one figure to be praised on but is a frame that showers new lessons and words every moment, we can always keep one more in our pages of life. The ones that are left unused today will definitely be of some use tomorrow; Krishna had so much to be showered on the world with his purity.


When this world did not spare even the lord for his support and giving to the society, we can never expect any transparent feelings for us too. We will always have a few fingers blaming us for reasons that have some relevance too, but we should never react instantly. There can always be a polite response with our smiles that may easily justify our existence and our deeds.