Inner Beauty

“Inner Beauty”

“She might not express but she thinks a lot, she might not say but she knows a lot.”

Diminished smiles and faded gestures are usually what a lady carries well in her curls, she might feel lazy and will wish to be careless but she is expected to hold her laziest way in perfection. At times she might feel to be real her but she is figured well-dressed as that is what she has to carry every moment. Being lady is special and just being the idol is not that easy but this title revolves around numerous feelings, faces and integrity.

Call it a Mother, Sister, Friend, Wife, Grandmother, Daughter, House helper, the sweet neighbor and a lady who just helped you somewhere. Every lady is special; every lady is a memory forever.

It’s not about having a feminist approach but it’s about assuming your room, your house, your place of work, your group without a lady. Just close your eyes and take this with you for once, is it really possible to even have this in your world?

No, there would be no lights, no smiles, no whispers, and no charm. There would be no life too.

Admiring the beauty of a woman is usually what the similar gender or the opposite gender does but they surpass the hardships that the beauty holds within her. 

Now the controversial and the most discussed agenda that pricks out is that whose responsibility it is to take care and let her be the way she is. The answer to it is, “It is the gender community who has to take the stand and it is the lady herself who has to take the charge.”

Yes it is the way the heart of a lady is molded that she is born to love, sacrifice, spread smiles, spread love and just be the lifesaver for a lot many. But then she should be supported, encouraged, loved, respected and appreciated for her deeds and her activities. It is not that she lacks appreciation and that’s why she remains careless for her existence. But she is discouraged, disrespected and insulted for her way. That is what makes her conscious and careful about her acts and she becomes so selfless.

“It is not anyone who can be blamed for this mistreatment; it is we how good we wanted to be treated and how special we can make ourselves. It is our world and we are the queens.”


Be the change you want to see in the world, and treat the way you want to be treated. The world may turn selfish but you will always be selfless, that is appreciable but then you have to be careful for yourselves. You are an angel and you will be an angel, play with your curls, and let them be free. No one can rule your uncombed hairs you will still be beautiful, you will still be elegant. 

You will be just you forever.