When we all keep running towards our ambitions for life, there are a few who might peep from their windows and smile at us with a sigh, “Even we did the same years back.”

We all plan our life in a way were we bifurcate our living depending upon our financial, psychological and physical conditions. At times we keep the earning part in today’s dairy and the outflow part in the plan for tomorrow. Or we might merely keep spending, relations, and position in a row and keep our diminutive desires in the last row. But we can never know even the best planned tomorrow can be just a fairy tale.

This story of life being unpredictable and impromptu comes from the streets of “Brij-Bhoomi” or the Land of Lord Krishna, Gokul.

 Where we might think that the on-goings around are too easy for the rest of the people and the only tough times comeS to our court. We should compulsorily meet these 2500 widow women staying in someone else’s hands with nothing in return. 

It’s not that they come from a background where in things were not organized leading their old age here in a trust. A few of them come from highly reputed backgrounds and have even served some elite services of the nation. But this is what was the plan sketched for them, all their lives they kept working-earning-spending-saving-garnishing their by-products plates but when the story turned this is what they were given in return.

Where we are running in the modern era’s of 21st century where in women are the legend stories at quite many places the old roots of women being complete with husband and family is still a falesy in the depths of our hearts. This place is a home for many widow women’s who lost their husbands and were not looking of any use to their families. Here they come from no measured religion or background check but here they come as sisters who give up their mirage desires of life and take up Bhakti as their energy. 

Yes this might really sound fascinating to us that despite of years since we are only worshiping Krishna and he has already left the land we have these souls living in his hands. For them their saviour is Krishna, we might not understand how they are connected to him but their all day prayers and worships show as if he is only with them all day, all night.

There might be only 1 or 2 out of this big number who must have not planned their beautiful tomorrow in their vision boards but today all of them love this beautiful tomorrow. They find eternal peace and satisfaction in living their lives this way. For a few of them might miss their old days at times but then they feel,

“As if we are getting our wounds healed and we are reborn again for the next milestone.”

“Life is an undefined abbreviation whose full form is yet to be found; the definition will be a far away destination. But the plans of life and the existence and living of human will always be a mystery to solve out. There are a few who are making their ways by cut throat competition, whereas there are a few who find them to be safe with someone who they cannot even see or to be exact WE CANNOT EVEN SEE.