Living has altered tremendously in the past decades and has given a lot to broaden human ease. With all this pleasure we forget that life has also snatched the buried smiles and the actual joy that we lived with no ease too. For times we might have been in-short of machines and dependencies over manmade apparatuses but we were overloaded with our own ways of using our god gifted blessings and making the best of them as the beautiful ladies are doing there in the lawn of their dreams.

We should not always admire the past that has gone but instead should try to keep the happy feature of the past days in our hands forever. And that is what humans can always do. Yes, it’s true that days don’t remain the same always but we can remain the same with our enthusiasm to live young and enjoy at the fullest.

It would be a degraded statement to mankind if I say that we should have not flourished, as alleviation is what everything and every person should have around. But rather we could have stayed with our roots too parallely. For now it might look like a so called traditional version of living which has already gone and we the Morden-animals should keep our walk straight to a rather more modern world. But eventually a few years later we will be tired of the fashion and then we would look for change, which is a general tendency and the cause of dissatisfaction. On the contrary there are a few things which remain of the same importance forever and those are known to be evergreen. These evergreen components are the ones which are connected directly from the roots and will always be of great pleasure.

“How strong the wind blows, the leaves may get detached but the roots will always keep the hold.”

Life is somewhat same as the case above, certain happenings are momentary and some are forever. The major mistake we humans make is to nurture the momentary reasons of happiness and we forget the forever strengths. Now this might be at times our outer beauty, our so called made relations or the Culture of appearances which all tends to a few seconds of joy. We should instead rest ourselves in the busiest road around and sit alone in one corner to see around as observations are always the biggest realization turns. And then collect our cases of momentary and forever situations. The ignorance that we usually give to our old fashioned living that may include our old parents, old books, old lessons, old friends and even old smiles too but they actually are the long lasting too.

The sense of realization may take several attempts as it’s not easy to take off your eyes from the captivating outer beauty. And it’s not that easy to find the mild beauty features in a dusky face that doesn’t unshield’s her giftings much. But let’s not delay it more as there will be a day when we might carelessly sit out in our backyard and madly try to find some of the small passing cheers that we already might have killed.