Unnamed Happiness

“Unnamed Happiness”

Life is an akin to a fast paced vehicle which runs at its speed and leaves its co passengers on their respective destinations. And so happens with our relationships in life, from parents, siblings, friends, neighbours, spouse, children, grandchildren and the list goes on. But we always share a special bond with our siblings with whom we have traversed the most special days of childhood. Siblings together live ages like inseparable frames and make beautiful memories that may last forever and so did this group of siblings from Gujarat had in their days of togetherness. 

In early days of innocent childhood we share the promise of being together forever in bad and good times. This thought is sacred and is innocently away from the plans of a practical life which is inescapable and cannot be skipped.  You may think for a while and get back to your past relations who might be like the only choice of bread and butter to you at once and now might not be in touch too.

And life is that complex for each one of us; everyday a new challenge, a new relation and a new commitment is planned. 

Once the innocent days of childhood come to an end and we all get in pace of the busy lives that we are expected to stay we unintentionally find a reduction in our times of togetherness and so happens with siblings too. But as there is an end to every dark day and so the stations of life always vacate their number of passengers which shall be regarded as the load of responsibility who initially come empty to the first station and with every next station a group of passengers get added. In some there might be a few and in some there might be many but reaching towards the destination will again come to some vacant seats and so does life does reaching to its last days of old age.

It’s then for a second time when the innocent feelings get back to their initial days of memories again and recalling of memories happen once more. These siblings were also the trains of the same track who got back to their days again and decided to meet once to cherish their days of infancy.

“I was enjoying my pleasure of just being me and innocently they got in my smile and danced like they did when they were my age.”

Your happiness might become the reason for someone to smile and dance and it’s good to be communal if people get in with you and smile and so happened with this family. Their happiness of playing like their childhood days was so immense that they sang and danced as they did when they were kids, their tears were falling down and their shaking hands were supporting each other but they were smiling, playing and being happy more. 

Reunion of friends may be a common get together that we come across often but this reunion of siblings will remain a memory forever for them, for me and for all of us as how far we go, how fast we go but we can be just we with whom we have been ourselves.

“We might reach this phase soon, and we would relive this feeling of being with our companions of childhood one day. But today we can do it for the people around us, happiness gets multiplied if we share it with more figures and so shall we do with the people around us too.”