Mother's Day

“Mother's Day”

“Revolutionary Mothers Day 2020”

“All the books and articles of the past decade said that 2020 is going to be a horizon of a new tomorrow.”

You might be getting a wide open mouth after reading this statement as the myth of a mechanical 2020 has just collapsed and now we just want a regular 20’s wherein we were able to survive absolutely normally. Now the syrup to this cake is the no expensive gifts challenge for this mother’s day as there would be no online deliveries and no shops to bake you a cake or parcel a mother’s day special so the ball is in your court standalone.

So here let’s pledge a day out for her. I am surely not asking you to step out of the house but make a day for her where she steps out from her daily hectic which are still ongoing even when we all are breathing in lockdowns.  It will not take much of yours but just a day when you have to wake up early and forget your plans and focus on the plans of the other members, their cravings of mouth watering menu and their clothes that are kept in the laundry bag.

Don’t be surprised or take it as a not so special gift as trust me this is the most special. Imagine the regular mother days where you used to take her for dinner and all day she cleaned the house, the clothes, and the washrooms. Do you really think that was a treat to her eyes?

Certainly not but yes indeed this will be a pleasure to her lives. So you have to be the mom for a day, get up early, clean the house, water the plants, feed the pet, make tea for everyone, do the breakfast, the lunch, the dinner, the dishes in the basin. Yes she will come to you every time and say, “Oh you leave it, I will do it all. You tried that is all” but don’t let her just feel that you tried. This mother’s day just do it all right.

This is a blessing by God and he has kept you free this Sunday, just make it her day, do all that she does and let her watch a movie and sit on the couch like we do for all the rest of the days.

One day, one mom, one feeling and One love.

“Happy Mother’s day”