Author Bio

Nikita Rajpoot

Author Bio
Meet “Nikita Rajpoot ”, Author of “Punarsangam”

Nikita Rajpoot is an aesthete by heart, a nature lover, an optimist by mind, poetess by passion, kind and convivial by behaviour & founder of Toward Literature ( a literary platform) by action. She dreamt of writing since childhood but published her first book, Goonj (Hindi Poetry) in 2019. She loves to read poetry . She firmly believes in the supreme power of universe called God in this world. Her describes as her belief that she is nothing without the grace and blessing of almighty. Her love for her family and the beings she admire is eternal & unconditional. She usually posts motivational, hope, positivity, love, devotional, nature and self love quotes on her instagram account, @nikitarajpoot18 . Her admirer can connect with her there and may write her at email,

About Book

My books in line are Goonj, Sangam & Punarsangam.

The first was my solo book contains beautiful inspiring and general poems. Poems which tell the harsh reality of human is facing her life. It is an epitome of human’s social & personal emotions. The theme itself says, “Manushay ki niji avm samajik bhawnao ka prateek –Goonj”. 

Another two books are based on compilation. I gave space to 30 authors approximately from all corners of India that’s why these are named as Sangam & Punarsangam respectively. Later one may called as the second edition of Sangam which played a crucial role in the establishment of Toward Literature. One captivating and intriguing thing about Sangam is that its cover picture is the real image of “Triveni Sangam of Ganga, Yamuna & Saraswati” at Prayagraj, UttarPardesh. It was captured by one of its co-authors, Suyashi Mishra. I am greatful and lucky at that same time that this pious place is a part of my book.

Sangam was featured in two major Book Fairs held every year in our country. These are “Bhubaneswar Book Fair, 2019 at Odisha, India” & “World Book Fair, 2020 at New Delhi, India”. This was also featured in various colleges, universities & bookstores. It added to my pride when prominent TV stars and other renowned personalities read it and admired its beauty. I am thankful to the grace of God, all my supports, FanatiXx Publication and especially co-authors of this alluring piece of art for making it so special for me.

Author's Desk
Life journey -

I always crave for reading, writing and studying. So, my performance was excellent at my school in studies and every field I took part utill 2011. I topped my school with splendid performance in studies and chose non-medical to get admission in

11thstandard. Although, I was good at studies yet change of school that changed almost the whole environment for me which I found difficult to fit in. However, I adjusted myself in that illusory atmosphere but that didn’t result good enough my family expected to me.

Two years later, I admitted in college for higher studies. Till then I was at good track and performed well enough to be praised. In the span of 5 years, my life gave me many experiences. Some were sad, some were happy, some were drastic, some were horrific & some were pleasant as such that I don’t want to replace any.  Yes, I may call that at I experienced them the very young age or I can say all that was beyond my imagination. Still, the life goes on and learnt me a lot.  While learning life lessons, a time came when I thought that I should fulfil my dream of writing at that time was end of 2018.

I started writing at my Instagram account with the name “talkofwords” and there I got brilliant response. Later, I started writing in notebook and one day wrote my first poem for thanking God for this wonderful life. I usually wrote when the whole world slept. Every night, I put my notebook beneath my pillow and write whenever, whatever stroke in my mind. Sometimes, I held some demand sessions in which people put their demand what they want to read. With these blend, Goonj was created, therefore has human’s every possible social and personal sentiment. First never lasts and this is same for Goonj. The space it has in my heart and life is not replaceable.


What does this book mean to you -

As I described above, my books have a special space in my heart and life. Still for your question, I would love to answer. Like every author identified by his/her books, I do. These mean big achievement to me and I am always greatful to the time, people, events & circumstances which are the reason of their creation.

What does writing mean to you and how are you going to take it ahead in your life.

Writing is my veneration, writing is my honour. I will love when people choose my books by my name but it will be a great honour when people read my words they themselves identify that it’s mine. Because we all known for our work not just by our name.

Therefore, I couldn’t resist myself to quote; “Your work is more valueable than your name”.

For taking writing ahead, I am doing some literary work through my literary platform, towards Literature. Well, I am indulging myself in literary activities as much as I can and I can assure you that I will continue until my pleasure. With my this enthusiasm & love for writing, Towards Literature came into existence. It is the first Literary Platform of Panipat, Haryana. It started working in November, 2019. The primary motive of this platform is to uplift Indian Literature. With the aim of helping Authors, Readers and Book Reviewers it is stepping ahead. As it is encouraging Authors and promoting their laudable work, it is working enthusiastically and following the theme, “A Step Forward Towards Literature”.

The good and bad times you had while being an author/writer -

While being an author, the good time was all those moments which made me feel that writing is going to bestow me an identity. Being an author is a dream of many and I am Glad I have fulfilled that. The bad times were the days, when people asked for promotion not because of the work I have done but because of earning money. I felt very bad when I realise that in the Country whose Mother Tongue is Hindi, Readers are running after English books. Author who write in Hindi are struggling harder than those who write in English. I felt worse when I saw some of the organisations, agencies and readers as well made this sacred field of Literature a Business. Rest, these are personal experiences, these may very with person to person.

A message to everyone who aspires to be a writer -

Everyone who dreams of being a writer, I loudly saying don’t listen to anyone’s message or suggestion. Work the way, you want. Work the way, you love. Work the way that makes you happy. It’s only you who can do this. But if you still need any message, I would love to convey that read as much as possible, know the people around you, understand other, talk less, listen more, take less, give more, focus on your ambition, it will help you to improve your writing as well as your lifestyle. Because experiences make people wise and wise people can speak and write effectively. Writing has connection with heart so whenever you write, pour yourself completely on paper. Write in notepad or in notebook or in diary or any way you do but write. Don’t allow your dreams to suffocate. If you can’t afford Publishing at this time, save your money to be a future published author, write on social media or at any platform you can write. Represent yourself in front of people who admire writing, take part in writing contest, indulge yourself in literary activities, attend literary workshops etc. Do anything, you could. Don’t be unproductive. Remember !!! People are appreciating you secretly. Keep dreaming, Keep Writing.