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Rita Chhetri

Author Bio
Meet “Rita Chhetri ”, Author of “Gambler -life goes on”

I am Rita Chhetri and I am physics postgraduate student at Arunachal University of Studies. Born in 1998 in the mountainous area of Arunachal Pradesh, Vijayynagar .sthat is endowed with beautiful serenity . I ‘am self taught artist and mother of three proud cats: Engine, Pikachuu and Millu .

I adore everything that involves creativity such as dance, oil painting, writing, sketching. I aim to reach my creative goals one step at a time and I believe doing so with a smile on my face.

Gambler – Life Goes On is my first book, my first attempt gave me a new identity and new glimmer of hope in the field of writing with everyone’s support.

About Book

Venice- the most exciting city of north-eastern Italy- is where a boy Gambler lives. His habit of gambling made him leave his mother, and he had to struggle through various hurdles to find the solution to the question of how life goes on.

He encountered the truth of how life goes on when he meets the priest who gave his life to know the truth of living where he lost his life. When Gambler returned, he was a transformed person with a loyal heart. He started making the best of each moment.

His life takes a new turn when three interesting, extraordinary characters accompany him. Gambler plays an essential role in helping his three new friends. He proves himself a good master, good son, a good friend, but despite this, he is cheated by his wife for a magical ring that had changed Gambler's life.

At these tough times, his three loyal friends go for adventure to many lands to find their master's magical ring and problems – this story deals with the hurdles they faced during this time.

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Author's Desk
Life journey -

Rita Chhetri is a young English modernist writer and author of the new book Gambler life goes on.

Currently, she is pursuing post-graduation in physics from Arunachal University of studies; her first fiction book is based on her personal experiences.

Being born in military family she had to tour to distinct wonderful areas   and regulate her studies.

As a child she was a bubbly girl, as a young member of the family she was loved and would entertain everyone in the family.

This little lady who dearly loves animals and would not hesitate to care for them commenced out her writing journey at the early age of thirteen. She enjoys expressing herself by means of many terrific innovative mediums which includes writing, sketching, dance and oil painting.

What does this book mean to you -

Though my first attempt, it taught me a lot about the writing. Not just the identity but also I got a chance to know number of people as audience who read my book and left valuable reviews. The thrill of seeing my work published and holding it in my hands is indescribable.

What does writing mean to you and how are you going to take it ahead in your life.

Writing has given me new wings, allowing me to fly like a bird, and I’ve been flying around in diverse manners ever since, passing on my thoughts and communicating my emotions to the world through writing.    I am currently working on my new book right now, and all I can tell is that “writing completes me in every moment “.

The good and bad times you had while being an author/writer -

I‘ll start with the good times because we either waste our time or learn to rise wisely from the glimpse of bad times. The moments and rewards that came my way as an author are preserved in the good times. Getting it publish is one of the first things that comes to mind when I think of good time.

The bad times, I consider none. My message for readers is that “do your best and leave the rest, everything in life depend on flow “

A message to everyone who aspires to be a writer -

There is only one perfect time to begin writing: Right now. Go for it after all future is uncertain, and no one knows what they have in their hands. Who knows, maybe you’re the one with the power to rock the universe.