Author Bio

Senthil Pillai

Author Bio
Meet “Senthil Pillai”, Author of “Destiny”

He is a man with values. He loves life and believes in living it to the fullest. He is ambitious about  making big in life. His hobbies include drawing, writing, watching movies. He is a commerce graduate  with a software course from N. I. I.T. He has excellent communication and writing skills.  

He is in the midst of a learning program to enhance his writing skills. He is passionate about writing  and intends to pursue it as a platform to grow as a famous and successful author. 

He has been a co author of the book “ destiny of the solstice “ by Shrihind Publication . The book  includes a short story and a poem. Also, he is a co author of the book “ rainbow “ by humrooh  publication. The book includes a short story written by him. 

Author's Desk
Life journey -

Life had been a rollercoaster through out and things have been tough. The best part is I have driven  my passion of writing recently and all the bad times have been neglected and forgotten. 

I have co authored two books and the experience has been mesmerizing. It’s a journey worth  celebrating. 

Writing is like a ignition to fire my life and move ahead. It’s the fire that keeps me rolling even during  tough times. I would like to take this passion to the next level by writing full time and establishing  myself as a successful and famous author. 

It’s not easy to write when you are sad or when you are bowled out with daily challenges and  setbacks that life offers but you need to just write no matter what . 

I would like to suggest to new authors that it is a long journey with thorns and stones all over the  path and be ready to bear the pain alone with self motivation.