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Shammah Benefits

Author Bio
Meet “Shammah Benefits”, Author of “The Face of Change”

I’m a 26 years old Ugandan, born on 24th June 1994 in mukono Uganda. I’m a writer, acticvist and content creator. I studied and graduated in mass communication from kampala university in Uganda. I’m passionate about helping the needy so, I love humanitarian work.

About Book

WRITING CAREER: Shammah is the author of "The Face of Change" , a book written about African political system and dictators, in the book he described Ugandan opposition politician Robert kyagulanyi Ssentamu as a very brave gentleman who has gone against all odds to unseat one of the world's longest serving presidents "Museveni". This book attracted much attention in Uganda after it's publication and it featured in almost all major news sites.

Author's Desk
Life journey -

Biography Shammah Benefits was born on 24 June 1994 in Mukono, Uganda. His father was a military officer in Uganda People's Defence Force before he died in October 1994 when Shammah was four months old. Following his father's death, Shammah, his mother and three siblings moved to Iganga, a small town in Eastern Uganda.


Shammah attended almost a school for each class, his mother struggled alot to pay for his tution at school so he either registerd late or was sent out of school due to failure to pay fees. "I don't remember the number of schools i attended during my primary level but my memory tells me 9 schools" he said. Shammah attended Jinja senior secondary school for his senior one but, he only studied for one 3 months and joined another school (ggaba parents high school) in kampala because his mother wanted him to have a better education though it was difficult to pay. he later joined New Castle high school, Naminya high school then Iganga High School where he attained his Uganda Certificate of Education in 2011. "Looking at my mother's financial status, i refused to join A-level so i branched off and and went to the University for a foundational certificated" shammah told us. He later graduated at Kampala University.

Film -

he started his film carrier after attaining his certificate in mass communication from the university. Since then he has produced a number of movies including Ali the village boy, The abduct, His love. his movies have attracted strong viewership mostly in Africa and Uganda in particular. Shammah is also known for activism and humanitarian work . he supports needy people mostly children individually and through mobilising support on his social media handles mostly FACEBOOK

What does this book mean to you -

This book has shaped my life and given me a new identity. I have been slowly following African politics but Uganda in particular , being my country I wanted to know how things of governance are ran. So here came “Bobi wine, a young man, brave, energetic and very intelligent. His actions pushed me to write about him. This book has received a lot of support and positive response.

What does writing mean to you and how are you going to take it ahead in your life. -

Being an activist , I always looked for a way to document actions of brave men and women who have been brave enough to stand against and talk about the wrongs happening in society. As a content creator writing an another way to tell the stories.

The good and bad times you had while being an author/writer -

First, I would want to assure the readers that success is not something you’ll achieve on a silver plate. It takes efforts and many sleepless nights to comeout with a book that will be appreciated but the world. Challenges should be expected , just learn to deal with them.

A message to everyone who aspires to be a writer-

Be brave, face life, if you choose writing as your carrier then let it be. Don’t be discouraged by people who say you need a lot of money or expensive resources to write /publish a book. Just go for it the rest will come your way. Just like I said, success comes with a lot of challenges.