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Anurag Gautam

Author Bio
Meet “Anurag Gautam”, Author of “Chahat Us Jahan Ki”

Does philosophy sound boring to you? Or do philosophers appeal to your psyche? If you are amongst the latter, read this author at his relatable best. If you belong to the former, trust me, you will not find philosophy put across better; As interestingly, as crisp and as poetic as by Anurag Gautam in his first book titled ‘Chahat Us Jahan Ki’. A B.Tech graduate from Sachdeva Institute of Technology, Mathura and an M.B.A from Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Agra, Mr.Gautam has been a motivational speaker, and an excellent IT professional with NIIT Technologies and Jugnoo. He has been an entrepreneur in the past and has always been a thinker. Hailing from the land of Jhansi ki Rani, brought up in Ghalib’s birthland and currently based in the capital city of the nation, Mr. Gautam has a deep insight into humanity and related affairs of the world around him. He often expresses himself in a rhetoric style which also reflects in his writings. Mr. Gautam is an observant by behaviours and carries an attitude of a problem solver. He has always brought laurels to his organizations.

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He has been the captain of the squad during his N.C.C days. During his M.B.A. internship with Jugnoo, India’s first cab aggregator application, he was mentioned in the Economic Times as an efficient Management Trainee who helped the organization resolve customer issues to half within two months. Mr. Gautam has adopted learning as a way of life and learning something new every day is his mantra. He is also certified in Change Management from the International Business Management Institute, Berlin, Germany and Metropolitan School of Business and Management United Kingdom. He is an active participant of social and technological advancements. His hunger for knowledge drives him to achieve new perspectives and therefore, his ideas about everything around him are either black or white. His first book is a masterpiece. The book is a collection of the author’s thought process behind the actions, emotions, the nature and consciousness of a human. He has meticulously beaded the pearls of words and created poems that one can relate to and reflect on. The book has attracted a large audience within a short span of time. The author has been nominated for the ICMDR 2020 Best Critic Award and the ICMDR 2020 Best Poetry Book Award for the book. The audio book of ‘Chahat Us Jahan Ki’ on KukuFM mobile app has been launched and has already crossed 50K+ listeners. After receiving so much love, Mr. Gautam is now working on two more contemporary books which will make the readers pause and incarnate on the reality of our existence in this temporary world. If you have a world inside the universe of your thoughts, which changes and constructs every time you think of someone or something. If you desire to see yourself in a certain way or with a certain one, this piece of work is a must read. It will take you through many emotions, where you will find yourself in tears or smiling or doing both at the same time while you absorb the effect of the author’s words. Happy reading!

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Life journey -

A fleeting thought, an unspoken wish, and a keen observation are exactly what this new poet on the block brings to you. Born and brought up in India, he comes with his first book of poems, which is a compilation of genres from various extremes of life. Anurag Gautam, an engineer with an MBA degree, takes a detour and writes what every heart struggles with. It is his words encapsulating your stories of struggles with love, life, distance, and whatnot. Beautifully composed, his poems will leave you speechless and maybe jostle up your sleeping inner poet and love for Hindi. As he also has a keen interest in philosophy, humanities, and the existing world order; there is a lot for the readers that the compilation of beautiful lyrical poetry will unveil through the pen of the poet.

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