Author Bio

Suny Misra

Author Bio
Meet “Suny Misra”, Author of “Shadows in the night”

I am a teacher and a bibliophile. I am the grandson of renowned Pt Bishnu Sewak Misra and the great-grandson of world-renowned Pt Pashupati Sewak Misra and Pt Shiv Sewak Misra of Prasaddhu-Manohar Gharana aka Misra Gharana of Benaras of Indian Classical Music. Blessed to have taken birth in a lineage of artists, I have an innate fondness for music and arts, and an ardent craving for artistic pursuits. Apart from Literature and Music, I am passionate about Psychology, Photography and Taekwondo.

About Book

Shadows in the Night is my debut novel. Though the novel is basically a romance, but there are essentially elements of mystery and a strong message on mental health awareness. Ambarish gets off at a mistaken station at the dead of a winter night. 

About Book

He learns from the Stationmaster that the station is an abandoned one. He receives some phone calls there. After every call, he meets a person and the readers get a flashback: from his high school days to his marriage, from his childbirth to the fateful accident that snatched his child, from his broken promise to his encounter with the problem that devastated his life. Be a part of Ambarish’s journey as he falls in love, goes through several ups and downs, leads a happy life till he meets his predicament, and fights back. But remember, Reality is not always what it seems.

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Author's Desk
Life journey -

I first wrote a poem when I was in class IV or V. I started writing regularly since Class XI. When I went to the College, I wrote several short stories and essays. But none of these were published except in the school or college magazines. “Coronated Rakhi” was my first short story that I published in the public domain. It got me the title of the winner in a writing competition by Storymirror. Then came my novel, Shadows in the Night. It got me a contract from Kiwi Books India, a traditional publishing house. And Shadows became an Amazon Bestseller.

What does this book mean to you -

This is my debut novel, my first book. So, yes, this means a lot to me. But I would like to consider this book as the first step in my journey as an author; the first step to interact with my readers; the first step to share my ideas with all the souls out there.

What does writing mean to you and how are you going to take it ahead in your life. -

Writing is my passion, my life. I cannot explain the happiness I feel when I write, and the bliss I enjoy when I see a completed piece in my hand. I can never leave writing. Sitting in front of my laptop to write has become an integral part of my life. I will continue this till I breathe my last. I aspire to be known as an author.

The good and bad times you had while being an author/writer.-

I had only good times since I started writing. I got to meet so many good people out there; so many people full of positive energy. All my interactions with the publishers, fellow authors, critics, reviewers, interviewers, and my readers were full of good memories.

A message to everyone who aspires to be a writer. -

All writing is re-writing, my dear. When you complete a piece, it’s not even half of the work. You have to revise, edit and rewrite it several times. So, my advice would be not to lose hope and sit to write every single day.