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Tarun Dev Sharma

Author Bio
Meet “Tarun Dev Sharma”, Author of “Triumph Amidst Crisis”

Tarun Dev Sharma is a businessman with almost two decades of experience. Born and brought up in Delhi, he has travelled extensively both for business and pleasure. He is also a Triathlete, practising the sports of Swimming, Cycling and Running. He has finished an Ironman 70.3 challenge in Malaysia. He also won the Delhi International Swim-a-thon by swimming 10 kms non-stop. Tarun Dev Sharma has been a keen observer of life. His critical stance and inquisitive mind have driven him to look for patterns and explore the origin of events on an impressive scale. He has shared these learnings and the curious ways of the world, with readers in his new book, Triumph Amidst Crisis. The observations he presents on world-scale and local events are unique. He views the world through the glasses of a businessman, political observer and moral thinker.

About Book

About Book
Triumph Amidst Crisis

Understanding how life works is a question for the ages. This book takes a unique approach in its attempt to answer it. Through a discussion of the most beautiful, funny, memorable personal anecdotes and experiences, this book discusses those aspects of the world's political, cultural, military and geographical history that have affected Indian life and culture. The stories of the author, his country and his entire planet weave in and out of each other and deliver a unique perspective to life. We follow the author's story, from loose upbringing and serious negotiations with his parents, through his life as a young businessman in other countries - trips that allow him to reflect on the similarities and differences between Indian culture on the one hand, and most significantly Chinese and Korean society on the other. Facing a series of crises since childhood, we see him transform to a successful adult who pursues his dreams of participating in an Ironman triathlon and flying a Fighter-jet. Also inside, is an ode to the love of cricket, which would bring smiles to everyone. The author highlights trends, which are easy to miss out in daily lives. These entertaining anecdotes and their historical, economic and spiritual causes are blended into a personal history that covers not only the main aspects of Indian culture but ties them to political and economic developments on the world scale. Throughout this book, therefore, what is shown is that all ordinary lives are significant and connected. It causes the reader to reflect on his own life and culture, revealing the ties that bind us all together.

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Author's Desk
Life journey -

Having lived an eventful childhood, Tarun was thrust into adulthood and responsibilities at an early age. Then as fate would have it, he ended up making 50+ trips to China. Having travelled to multiple cities in China, he observed the country at a crucial time in history. Now aged 35 with almost decades of experience in international business and commerce, he lives a private life with his wife and two children in Delhi.

What does this book mean to you -

Often, I have observed people get busy in their lives and mundane routines. In a bid to improve their circumstances, they start to concentrate on the little things. When looking at the little things too closely, we tend to miss the huge events that shape our lives. As an effort to remember the trends that changed our life directions, I decided to write this book. This book is an appeal for peace. In mapping histories marred with war, differences, and the tragedy of human lives, irrespective of geopolitical circumstances, I portray how none of us, truly, have the bad end of the bargain. The curve of history, tipping up and down at its fixed rhythm, ultimately rests on the shoulders of human intention. These are stories of the people, and how nations, ideologies, life, and history were made through those who did things, and those who received. One of the reasons was also to let my kids realise someday, how it was to live in the times of their father.

What does writing mean to you and how are you going to take it ahead in your life. -

My maternal grandfather has been an author all his life. Having won many state and national awards for his contribution to the Punjabi language, he has written 100s of books over many decades. During my small but complex life, I was lucky enough to live with him for a few months. His dedication towards his craft and his philosophy of putting in honest hard work daily inspired me. This planted a seed inside me, which caused me to collect ideas over many years, and learning about this craft. So far it looks like, writing is a difficult field to make a living out of. But let me tell all aspiring authors, there is no better feeling than to interact with a person who has read your book. When even one genuine reader is affected by your work, it makes all the pain and effort worthwhile. I would like to write another book, once I have more observations to share about our complex world.

The good and bad times you had while being an author/writer.-

It is not an easy job. Luckily, I did not suffer from a writer's block. I had so many ideas and observations to share with readers, that I was easily writing 3-4 pages/day. For me, the difficult part was to decide which parts to keep and delete in the book.