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Sneha Manocha & Gourav Soni

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Meet “Sneha Manocha & Gourav Soni”

Two entrepreneurs with the fire to make the change! They felt the challenges and now are making the change.

Sneha Manocha:  Born in Bhopal , completed her schooling from Carmel Convent Bhopal . 

Electrical Engineering 

PGDM in Finance & Operations 

Gaurav Soni: Born In Amgaon Near Narsinpur MP.

Bachelor’s in Science (Computer Science)

Bachelor’s in journalism & Communication

Pursuing M. A Psychology

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do”

We all heard this statement ki kaam who karo jisme maza aaye?

So simple right ?

But how do we know which is best fit for us or what we like?

The way things have moved into one phase to another we have all experienced a random throw of dice and choose our paths.

Just like a mystical game of monopoly the never-ending loop of debts to gain huge capitals.

So simple ?

Let us add cherry on top !

How an inquisitive yet fragile brain in learning phase comprehend the choice against a capital gain , or the choice of limiting it to long term planning!

We are sure most of just thought once we grow up it’s a cake walk , well look at all of us now we were challenged enough to choose something that makes happy against the race of time and series of stone in driveways.

What if we made this process simpler , easier, and less complex , what if just a pinch of salt can make you enjoy the meal you have never experienced before.?

In simple terms we all were dilemma of choosing our lives and circling profession aligning to Maslow’s need of hierarchy.

With emerging trends in market our view has broadened about emerging career rends , however What is Career ?

Can you ?

And there it goes again ; your facial expression tells me you need a moment to answer it !

And if you are unable to define career , how can you make one.

That is where we found our action plan .

Their venture:

Srijan – Career Consultancy Services

We as firm cater to provide services to students keeping in mind the challenges faces while making a career, to understand its must we look deep into the background ability of students which can be governed by household they are brought up , their education , their friends and possible cases of peer pressure ,

Every students henceforth have gone through various transitions in his lifetime to reach upon to this level, it took years for them to give their innocence in some way of other to understand the ability they are filling for .

The major dilemma which a student’s faces is a chance after 10th grade Science arts, and commerce.

And that is restricted to their ability of thinking to engineering, doctor , administrative roles well if we dig deep into the ocean we discover the options exploring the fields of public policy , administrative roles in private sector , CFA certified , nutritionist , chef and many more.

As a mentor we prefer to understand the transitions and rationale behind the same , this helps us understand the main challenge accepted by a student .

With personality varying form artistic, extraversion , creative , diplomatic and many more .

Our work in sub divided into intelligence ability analysis of students not limited to couple of assessments but extending the same to understand a holistic view by taking parents observation of their child into consideration.

We help them select a career best suiting their personality type , orientation style family expectations , finances, and migration overview.

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Vision of the company:

An initiative to help students achieve their goals.

In simple words we focus on bettering oneself by determining abilities , skills, and interest of the person.

Starting the business (Your story of the day when you both came together for the plan):

Gaurav is more aligned towards the idea generation to solve the challenges , he always put a creative side of catering a solution for any difficult decision making.

The idea hit Gaurav’s mind when he stepped out of his hometown to build the career he desired,

After 6 months of studying engineering he was able to understand this is not his cup of tea and he dropped out of college , he continued  hustling to find the best path for himself & encountered a major chunk of career options to choose from  and limited knowledge of a couple of them.

Hence he  was able to comprehend the barriers responsible for biased perception and initiated providing free career awareness sessions to student base in rural area.

Sneha is big fan of multitasking & keen in execution of processes , Her extraversion made her interact with lots of people, wondering how career took path for her which was uncalled for , she was able to understand the nitty gritty of mindset amongst people including her siblings , juniors , colleagues .

She fixed her eye on it and extended the same form of guidance to those in need.

On one occasion Sneha & Gaurav met after a couple of months to enjoy the ambience of this city and of course the scrumptious meal around the corner and started discussing on the lines about professional life is their experiences with random people .

The commonality in most of the cases made them collaborate to solve the root cause of the problem with each one having their own expertise creation and execution they stepped into the market.

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