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“To be a victorious individual in life it is not at all compulsory to leave home and fly in a foreign country”

When everyone around me was quite curious to pursue a career other than teaching I used to stick on my future endeavor that was always teaching. Though the high school days were not that easy when everyone was captured with a fancy trend of a so called big institute for preparing for IIT JEE. I was happy reading my NCERT Books and being regular in all my dance classes. I might not be earning a lot of bucks but yes I am acquiring a lot of happiness which is rather tougher to be owned these days. Presenting Ms. Sreemoyee Biswas a rare to be found non materialistic fellow in the intensified money-grubbing world of today.

Where we now understand the importance of women and their contribution in the families, Sreemoyee is playing a multitasking role of both son and a daughter in her family of 4. She feels her to be lucky enough to be blessed with a family where the importance of education is well known and the inquisitive learner in her was always motivated and supported to keep enhancing her education more and more in all dimensions. She feels success is relative and needs patience and calmness to be finally added in your cap. For lives people keep on fighting the tug of wars between their dreams and ambition but she was lucky enough to find out her niche factor and made it her goal of life.

During her early days of engineering she was able to understand the difference between a 10-7 job aspirant and a self initiated leader who imparts these jobs. She was able to understand that it’s a layman task to run a computer if you are well equipped with a super system with a compatible hard disk, an efficient server and excellent software and a comfortable environment to work with. But the change comes when you dig the hard rocks and finally find a drop of hope.

“Don’t blame if your nation is still developing, the developers have flew out and are now servants to some developed nations.”

Getting detached from your roots and then gaining individual prosperity is not a big battle won. But staying with your roots and then stretching your arms to hold the sky with a related lot is the real change. Yes it is not easy to do this as you will have to reduce your aspirations onto a certain extent but then you will also raise the world not just for yourself but for a few more who might have surrendered their world to raise yours.

“Family will always be there in all your mornings and evenings, you may have some filler who entertain you in the bright mornings but the evenings are rarely accompanied.”

Sreemoyee was blessed with two strong pillars in her life, one is her parents and the other is her teachers. She deeply admires the way they have shaped her life and have made her worth living. She is deeply inspired with the art of teaching that she has witnessed in a lot in her life. It was that inspiration that made her dream so energetic to be a teacher. She hears people calling teaching a profession to get stuck and stagnant to which she counters with a punch of emotions,

“Everything that you know is imparted by a teacher; rest of the world is a shape that is manufactured from the mounting frame of a teacher”

She further states that there should be no race to chase the highest marks rather there should be a chase to live every moment of life once more as there is no tomorrow.



Always be grateful to your parents, friends and family as they live for you and love you in real terms. You need to identify the power of judgment in the correct hour and act wisely while dealing with people. One should always be grateful to god for all his blessings as the firm belief in him always pays off.  Patience and determination are the key notes of everyone’s life, keep them strong and keep them live till your last day of fight.