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Varsha Shrivastava

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Meet “Varsha Shrivastava”

“Education is a weapon to cast the world, Imparting light in the lives of others is what really a few can do”

Where the world thinks to learn and foster their lives with the modern luxuries, there is a girl I met who believes in moulding lives of others to make them become deserving enough. Here I present yet another persona strengthening the scattering beauty of women’s in the world, Ms. Varsha Shrivastava.

When she was mounting in her school life, at times she used to feel discontented with the debasing system of education. She wanted to know more but there was a purposeful approach as the claim of education was getting malformed from acquisition of knowledge to manufacture marks. It is when she firmly decided to make schooling pattern in her way and contribute her part to trend the education world. Varsha analysed the secret that still just a few know, 

“For a student, teacher’s guidance is the most accurate in the world, far above from their parent’s words too”

She believes that, 

“Change is what we should not just talk about, but change is what we should work for”. 

And that is what made Varsha farm her life in the world of education.

It has now been 5 years since Varsha is teaching and moulding lives with all her devotion. When in the present era graduates talk about nurturing their lives with the most hi-tech professions of the world, Varsha always planned her career in the world of teaching. Though she was told by many that it is going to be an unhurried world of stepping up in her career but she had a firm thought to do nothing but teaching. She removed the false insight of mankind that usually Indian nationality believes that if one has nothing to do, start teaching. In fact teaching is a profession who makes all other profession, yes all other professions.

The journey of finally being a high school teacher in a country like India was not that easy, where we still have our roots stuck in the ancient education system. And so she started as a primary school teacher as she never wanted to waste a day. The entry pass to the gate of High school was a degree of B.ED and that is what she decided to do once she started with primary. Varsha decided to go to a different city in south where she got her first class to teach, this was not that easy for her to survive as back home she had her sick father who still ensured to support and motivate her daughter to do what she wanted to be in life. There was a remarkable growth for Varsha’s career in the southern part of the nation; Varsha was blessed with a lot of opportunities to educate the unprivileged section of the society in the semi urban areas. The world of teaching was turning into stepping milestones and the people there just started admiring her but her father’s health started debasing and she came back home and decided to continue teaching in her city.

Life is a combo pack of hardships and Bhopal welcomed her with a lot many challenges, she faced a lot of politics , criticism as the so called experienced professionals of education took her approach lightly and pulled her down with humiliating statements,

“You are a youngster; don’t tell us how to teach.”

But the pillars of education are not that weak to collapse, she accepted and moved on with a smile.

Parents are regarded to be the most concerned personnel for their children and so were Varsha’s parents, her father wanted her to pick a career option like her sister did in the banking industry where in there will be speedy growth and recognition for the passionate lady. But she could convince them for her dream of imparting education and took the flight towards her world of dreams.

It was the initial days of realizing the responsibilities and the significance of being a teacher; she was not willing to miss a pinch of it and contributed all her part in the roots of education. Varsha was worried for her father back home, and she lost her pillar during her days of making others career.

She has lost her father, whom she wanted to give more time, but she had so much to give to the world, she had so much to do for the world. 

There are a lot of misconceptions that people have made about the lives of teachers, for some call it a relaxed profession where in its half day duty. But in the real terms a teacher lives a profession which takes all his/her life in moulding the career paths of others.

For Varsha spreading the roots of education is like a dream where she wants to ensure practical streams of learning. Unlike other girls even she had other things which could have made her earnings easier but Varsha never took any other profession with so importance as she did for teaching. Yes at times when she gets a chance she takes up anchoring as a freelancer but ensures that her dignity of a teacher remains maintained.

She started living her passion of anchoring 2 years ago. Soon she realised that the two professions that she was willing to live were the extreme corners of an ocean. As a teacher her figure was a real sincere, dedicated and descent one, on the contrary anchoring was an entire different space of glamour and Varsha had to take every step carefully.

“Students follow their teachers, and you need to keep that descent figure reflecting in you stay forever”

Varsha faced the world judging her by her social media posts, her way of clothing and her way of taking care of the stage. She wanted to step up a lot in the world of anchoring but she restricted her wings to stay back as the teacher in her always wanted to live for strengthening the pillars of student’s life. She decided to take a step back from her bundle of talent and give her life to education.

There was a complete different world of fame waiting for her with open arms on the other side but she wanted to give her life to education, she wanted her firm decision to remain the same forever. She knows she has to wait for years to achieve her dreams in teaching profession. But she is ready to take the struggle and she is adopting the gradual changes.

A 26 year old young girl finds herself to be maintained a lot by now, she has learned to walk with patience and handle situations by responding rather than reacting. She says that it is not that easy to accept the various challenges and criticism from time-to-time but she knows that being rebellion will never be a solution, instead tackling situations with patience is what can keep things going smooth.

She feels satisfaction should never come but she feels proud to be a teacher now.

She is teaching high school now; she feels that people have completely commercialized the system of education. She feels bad when she sees parents making education and learning a “number game”. She feels disheartened when she sees the degrading respect of teachers from parent’s eye which later makes it a challenge to sketch respect in the eyes of their younger ones.  

It is still true that teachers are next to god and people should try recalling this fact.

She wants to interact with all the students around the world and skill them with her young learning’s of life. She is not much worried to make money in her life but she wants to spread education, guidance and assistance to all without anything in return. The young stream of life is willing to shower her real life lessons for the betterment of the lives of others.



If you expect from others, even you should be ready to give. At times you need to give up everything that you love to live a change that you wish for. Life expects a lot from everyone so patience is what one should hold forever and response back with a hold rather than instant reactions. Taking challenges should never make one feel low but winning challenges should always keep the streams go.