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Ms. Ishita Praveen Tripathi

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Meet “Ms. Ishita Praveen Tripathi”

“Clothing is not just an art, it is a sensation to carry yourself, have your chin up and smile with your deferential exquisiteness”

From her school books where the last pages were always decorated with a beautiful outfit, highlighted with clean pieces of artwork she always was fond of designing her own mind wears on paper. Introducing the design Diva Ms. Ishita Praveen Tripathi the owner of Ishita’s Lifestyle Boutique, who has redefined the definition of clothing with her professional qualification in Designing and fashion.

At a tender age of 10 years, Ishita started fantasizing of making her career profile into the world of fashion as a designer encompassing professional education into the same. As a young mind who was keeping her tiny steps in the world of glamour, bridal wears were her top most fantasy which she always aimed at designing and experimenting more on. Ishita believes that clothing and being trendy is always what makes feel one more complete and confident about them. She highlights that for every girl her day of wedding is the day when she is the queen in a room full of people and she always dreams at being her best that day. Ishita feels the dream of every Bride-to-be and takes it more as her own work and not just like a consignment. 

Ishita’s journey started with the desire of wearing unique outfits which keep dignity and beauty clubbed together. Her biggest support in her journey was her father who kept his angel safe and showered with every possible amenity of life.

After her schooling she took up designing as her career which was supported and appreciated by her father a lot. Ishita’s father was ready to make her princess boutique ready with her best dresses hanged around. He wanted Ishita to pursue her graduation in NIFT Bhopal itself but Ishita wanted to compete with the sharpest of the designing minds and excel with her creativity among them. Luckily she was able to influence her father for the same and was waved to her tough days of learning and excelling in NIFT, Mumbai. 

“I will come back the way you are bidding me goodbye, yes I will gather competence but will maintain the etiquette that you have paved me with”-Ishita

These were the promising words Ishita gave her father before leaving to Mumbai and came back home with the same fruits of her upbringing. During her days at NIFT, Mumbai every day was ready with new challenges, expectations and horizons to be surfed on. Ishita was ready to win all with the immense support that she had from her backbone, her father. Be it the necessities or the luxuries, Ishita’s father was ready with the best for her always.

“From the supporting arms of her father to the all time appreciation and trust that she has got from her husband make her even more confident to work and shine bright.”

The flavours that she came up with were highly admired in the cut throat competition culture of Mumbai and she was advised by many to open her boutique in Mumbai itself. But Ishita had her own plans and had a lot waiting back home for her amazing work and a new benchmark that was about to flood in Bhopal with designs not just by mind but by perfection and icing of professionalism.

She came back the way she left in terms of decorum and brought a complete different horizon for the people who love the way they represent themselves with the best wears they can have. Opening her boutique was her pre-planned task and was already executed by her father’s ever ready hold up.  Now the battle was to get every big and every small thing which she executed well with proper planning, management, perfection patience and creativity to get the best then the rest. Within 4 months of her entrepreneurship journey she was employed and was employing too. 

“I am not performing a monitored job and no one expects me to stay late at work but the attraction that clothes give me fade the clock nearby and I stay for hours and hours at work”

She gets inspired by every running client that explains their expectations from their outfit which Ishita doesn’t hears like a business lady but feels like her own desires of wearing the royal outfits during her school days. She gives all her inputs to ensure that her clients receive what they actually wanted to wear and ensures their satisfaction before actually making them feel their beauty in the dress. Ishita holds her expertise in a unique feature of carving love stories of couples with their pictures and memories on their wedding lehengas, which make her designs and work appreciated in exceptional terms.

“At times it’s not just to earn but at times it is to see glittering eyes being tremendously happy for what they have in their hands.”



The simple small thing that you might have done in your childhood might not appear stable to everyone, but if you have the zeal to make it forever then believe in yourself. Have faith in your potential and make it your achievable dream. Don’t just compare around but live what you have dreamt for. Everyone has their own potency, recognize it, praise it, and groom it and LIVE IT.