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Meet “Shakti”

“You may be uninformed of what you really are; you may still be covered with pretence of aspirations. In all this you forget the real you, you forget the Shakti-The power in you.”

It is not just people who can relate your existence always; it is a lot more that may revolve around you and your whispers. The power of social bondage and the eye mirage that expectation mount always tend to surpass the real you. The diversified creation of the supreme power is merely known to all of us. The war of analysing, realizing and making it mesmerizing is a chain of occurrence which completes the cycle only in one smooth go.

It is no sin if you get too late to know what you are; too lazy to explore how you can beat the world. But yes it is a crime to live a monotonous life if you are exceptionally blessed. A lot of us get our plans of life written well by either of our life granters or our life partners but then what are you for yourselves and where are your blessings that are just yours go and how do you own them.

Shakti, Mahashakti, the one who is not just a name but a fire of extreme potentials that can be fired in your inner conscious and make your life a priceless memory to be cherished. Shakti does not encompass any specific gender, any religion, any individual or any belief in it but bonds every individual in their hidden unique qualifications.

“The biggest downfall for a human is to know its power but still walk on the easy path of ignorance”

Lord Hanuman was unaware of his blessing of touching the sky but kept believe in someone’s words and took his flight with trust and was then able to use this power for quite a many bullets in his later life.

Similarly a lot of us may not even find the true power within us which shall be unmasked in the so called trendy modern world of today. And a lot of us may be living a life falsely by keeping our potentials aside sometimes in the name of responsibility, helplessness and enormous expectations.

“Life is just a package of 24 hours into variable value for each one of us, every hour that you avail is going to be the one of those precious values, either live it, avail it or utilize it.”

Don’t feel yourself stuck in the social bonds that people like you and me have created, keep the real blessings in mind which the almighty have blessed us with. If we are not doing what we are meant to we are making an excuse for what we then do. We are opting for an easier way to cross the river the tough one might be waiting for us with a palace at the edge. 

What appears good will not be good always, it may be a mirage for the time being. You need to pull out the hidden revealing.

How to actually utilize the power that you are harvested with?

You need to have three major mantras in your hands, patience, understanding, observation and then comes execution. Start from the moment you get a drop in your hand. It will take time for you to know the entire ocean of yours but that drop will be the path guider. You need to pull out the variance that you owe. 

How to prioritize my current happenings and the power that embeds in my body?

A priority vouch shall always be kept on the list to ensure that there is no ignorance to any of our present or future endeavours. Strike off the useless or worthless things that you do today (but keep you luxury hours safe always). Spare time for what is the real hidden you, it will come like flood as it has been kept hidden since age but you should not let it hamper your current goes. That’s a trick of management which learned once will make you experienced professionals of management.

“Go take your throne it has a long way of steps to be covered on, you might not feel so but the real thing has so.”



By god’s grace at least a few are able to realize their potentials or else we might have been never able to feel the world cup, hit the industry, reach the moon and be the nation of Howdy Modi. If they can even we can, we were all born in the same way with the same blessings and on same lands. Just a few did it well with the three golden mantras and a few like us are still smiling with a mirage that is just a world of boasters.