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Shubham Shrivastava

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Meet “Shubham Shrivastava”

“He was told that this approach will never let him achieve respect. He took it as a challenge and is now sitting on the throne of esteem with all the lessons that he was given in the trail of his target.”

Art is an additional flavour that is served in your dish of a perfect dinner cuisine where the main course will always be a mechanical and customary job which expects you to work like a commanded machine. This was the misconception he aimed to break off and he did it amazingly well with making his name shine bright in the world of hair styling. Presenting Mr. Shubham Shrivastava, a well known hair stylist and the owner of a top rated hair salon of Madhya Pradesh.

He came into this profession from his roots that are quite strong in the field of Styling, where his father is a well known hair styling trainer who imparts skills of styling and has made a number of ambitious minds shine bright in the field of hair dressing. Though his father was not in favour of taking this in legacy, Shubham always found his hands and creativity flowing with the stream of hair dressing and giving people a new existence of confidence and admiring themselves. 

It was at a very tender age when Shubham was blessed with the key of ripeness and a wide-ranging level of understanding where he was able to evaluate his arrangement of life and even started executing the same.

Shubham believes in the happiness to toddle collectively with everyone and so he initially demonstrated his plan to his parents and showcased his dream world well to them, which then was a sigh of influential support to him for the rest of the coming days. 

For his map of life was quite clear and well sketched, he started his first floor task as a hair stylist at the age of 15 and soon was the owner of his salon at a tender age of 19 years. As life is a sprinkle of various extracts and every pinch of it has a different flavour engrossed in it. Equally the days of learning, earning and creating his own identity were not really easy for him. At times he was dragged down with the traditional model of society where in profession is the virtue of identification and a family is known by the same. Shubham never took the allegations and the barriers of the society in his way but took all these as mere challenges and crossed them all with his mantra of happiness, mutual agreement and collective approach. 

He recalls his hardest time of life as the principal burst through in his career and also gives the major contribution for his speedy success to the days of hardships.  It was in the year 2015 when he remained unpaid from his job for 2 months as he was one of the highest paid employees and the business was down to make the expenditure.  His lavish living was not permitting him to spend more days with no salary and so he decided to quit his job after a couple of arguments which he admits to be of use as they made him free from a tie of living wage.

“We all are blessed with wings; it’s only that we don’t know that the art of flying is within us.”

It was the last week of February 2015 when he walked out from his job and it was the beautiful morning of 5th April 2015 when he inaugurated his own salon and was now free to try his art with no bonds. Shubham has showcased an unbelievable world of hair dressing to the people of the state with his inventiveness, interest and fond of styling.

“It’s an amazing feel to make people love themselves a bit more. The smiles that admire themselves in the mirror are my lullaby for a sleep of satisfaction.”- Shubham

He has been recognized and awarded by media for his extra ordinary work and models that have been appreciated nationally. He feels glad to be waved on the streets by the passing by with the praising,

“Oh Yes, he is the one who made me believe that I could look this beautiful someday.”

At times he misses his days of innocent childhood which he actually did not live completely as he was living with a dream to come true. But then he feels consummate as he has achieved the vision that never allowed him to sleep but was in his mind all day all night and now is his reality. He believes that if you are done with your hardships till the age of 26, then the rest is just to sigh with.

Shubham loves making people feel joyful, confident and admire their secret prettiness and so he tries his best to give the best look to everyone who trusts him. 

“It’s good to be stubborn for your desire at times when it is for an excellent motive.”


If you have a dream to be achieved in life don’t quit even if it gets tiring for you as at times people lose it at the last step. If you invest an age into something don’t just let it go in vain, have patience and keep striving as how speedy we go but the mantra remains the same,

“Try and try until you successed.”