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Harshit Nagar

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Meet “Harshit Nagar”

“This dream was made without any vision in mind, it was the problems in life he started solving and they all collectively became a business enterprise.”

This young entrepreneur started his flight when the word “start-up” was just in books; he unintentionally took a few steps and build a new sphere of a superior tomorrow. Here I Present Mr. Harshit Nagar, the Founder of Techkritya Edu Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

Harshit started his company without having a prearranged business plan in hand. He did not sketch what actually he was functioning for, nor did he have a landmark to reach on. All what he knew was to discover a solution to his inconveniences and ensure to make others away from those challenges. 

During his days of engineering he faced a lot of trouble to come up with his final project submission. This made him realize that it was not only he who was the solo-survivor of this challenge but there were quite a many around him with the parallel issues.Harshit, who was not a practised professional in his engineering stream and was a below average scorer too then decided to do his research and contribute his efforts to find out the ways to end up successfully with final year projects.

This was secretly his first brick to the empire of technical education enhancements.

Harshit added a few more characteristics to his online portal where he collected study materials for diverse competitive exams and made it easier for the aspirants to pave their path of preparation. 

Harshit was just making his problems get solved and hidden beyond this was a dream getting foster.”

Harshit wanted to come up with more solutions and so he started interacting with his peers, realized their problems and added them in the chain. His portal was getting truly excellent response from around the nation, and students were utilizing the portal for their day to day purposes. There was a lot of grounding material, test series, project assistance and a lot more on this portal. The demand of the business grew like fire in the jungle and Harshit decided to develop an android application for his portal. By now his contacts were with the best offline platforms that assisted in all such activities and Harshit was making their efforts to be laid on the World Wide Web for the utmost utilization.

Soon after he was awarded with his degree in engineering, he had a big battle to be fought for getting a job and after the struggle of 8 months he finally got a job in a repute organization. During his days of the monotonous job he continued experimenting on engineering projects and progressively he started earning roughly the equal from his projects and his job.

This sounds odd right; an average scholar who barely could manage securing the passing marks has fought his weak spot and was now serving others to do the same thing in a fantastic way.

With his job as a 9 to 5 employee, he felt that he was doing a stationary thing and it was keeping a social person like him away from people. He wanted to know the people, interact with them, know their challenges and solve them out. That was the day when he realized that he was not made for a stagnant job and he accelerated his obsession towards education ahead on his job and he resigned. This was a big verdict that he took unaccompanied by anyone and his parents, friends; society advisors were extremely disappointed with his decision. But Harshit was sure about his resolution as he had his 5 sisters holding his confidence and a motivating friend who kept blind believe on his potentials throughout his days of ups and downs.

With the positive streams that Harshit had he was soon in the newspapers within a year and was recognized at places for his outstanding performance into the world of start-up.

Harshit is still not aware what his vision truly is; but with every step he feels his dream is getting developed. Initially he started online and that was a focused one but now he is having his strong roots online and offline both. At first his efforts were only for engineering graduates but now it is for school students and the others too irrespective of their majors.

To beginning with he was alone with visualization, a step and a dream and then he got people with him; they were all an alliance of excellent and terrible souls but he kept on taking his responsibilities alone. There were both good and bad times but after every “good” there was a “bad” and after every “bad” there was a “good” stream to recall. And so was one of his major achievements, he got in collaboration with NITI Ayog to bridge the gap between schools and colleges and make practical knowledge reach every doorstep. Harshit’s enterprise is now the biggest vendor for establishing the ATL(Atal Tinkering Lab) in the schools around the nation with their major area of work in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

“From solving his problems he has taken the problems of all the students around the nation.”

The fruits of life demand the nourishment of education from time to time and so the government of India releases a certain amount of fund every year for the betterment of these schools. Harshit’s Company provides the various machines and instruments for the school labs and they design their curriculum, train students and deliver imagination, thinking and manufacturing throughout the country.

It makes him feel good to work for these changes. He is transiting such things to school students which he did not even learn or see during his engineering.  Technology is changing every day and so the team of Techkritya has to be updated always, they keep on reading and learning so that they can make others learn well. Harshit says that he feels as if his engineering is still going on and now the exams are tougher as he is not the only one to pass but he has a lot many on him to get pass.  

“We are not educated to make money only but a few of us are educated to make education better.”-Harshit

He started alone, He failed, he passed, he collapsed but he had courage. He left his passions behind but he is still young and keeps his dreams in the pocket of his heart. 

A person, who loves his work, will never get tired of it. There is a magical beam of energy that comes to him to make technology and its lesson reach every individual. 

 “Experience is a key of success; your experiences are a vehicle to your success. You can learn from anything, it’s not important to get experience but you can learn from others experience.”


Whatever you are doing, try to do it a new way every day, don’t get static, even if you are doing same thing every day, go around, look around, utilize your free time, and don’t relax as it is not going to give you anything. Don’t stop your capability, keep learning, and do new things. Be active in your social life as people you meet will be your teachers. See more, develop more, and always keep on learning more.

People who don’t have a dream, it’s never too late, wake up, and start creating your dream; you never know what heights it will take you to.