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“Instead of having a nice day, have the day you deserve.”

This line often goes underestimated, where people in general forget the importance of their existence, come on we are not here just to study, work, earn money and literally get sick and die! It's a little fault which hits students badly.

During graduation 

After cracking PMT (Pre Medical Test) which happens in India in order to get into medical colleges, I got into a college which was definitely not a college of my dreams because whatever we read and whatever efforts we put but we can't beat the illogical reservation criteria. It was my first day and my senior asked my name and I smiled and said my name, because I was the only confident kid and had zero hesitation like the rest of those who were there too. Out of nowhere this stupid senior said "Madam why are you smiling” and I was quiet for 2 seconds and I knew that I had to speak something otherwise

I will regret this for a lifetime. To her I said, this is known as basic etiquettes which you are missing HAHA

This might sound as a very stupid conversation, but to me it was my stand. It was my thought that I don't deserve this. Always believe in yourself and treat yourself better, people will eventually understand that you prior yourself more. 

Have plan.

Planning is so important, although the real fact is life never goes with planning but has a goal, though it is not much realistic but it pushes you to achieve. Work hard, very very hard. When you work hard and put efforts, you value yourself, know your worth you are here to achieve something and you will do it.

Let there be haters let there be bad teachers , but once you will live the life you deserved ain't anyone gonna question you ever.

Remember self love is totally different, I have seen people who aren't satisfied by even slimming down to 40kg from 80kgs BUT they are not ready to love themselves, but we have to change. Don't allow people to enter into your life and be nosy about it because they deserve better. 

So, let's have a day you deserve!