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Aakrati Sirur

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Meet “Aakrati Sirur”

She never realized that she has done something, she just believes that all this happened eventually”

This week of strengthening summer is committed to a real life illustration of women supremacy and the integrity of a lady.

She never accepts that she has done somewhat unusual in life, neither has she ever faded in hard times; she always smiles with her laughter scattering cheerfulness around her.

This week is devoted to Ms. Aakrati Sirur or to better lay respect to this lady with her achieved name, Lieutenant Aakrati Sirur.

She is an officer from the Defence forces of India and a young girl who has excelled in accomplishing the dreams of her parents in the best way.

Her voyage started long back in June 1987 when her father Mr. Kiran Sirur Cleared SSB and held the top position in the merit list as well. It was a dream that came true for Mr. Kiran Sirur and his contentment of serving his nation was now in his hands. But life is not that effortless and the same was for Mr.Kiran, the last step of medical became a fence to his dream of rendering his services to the nation. He lost his dream and then the obligatory society rituals dragged him in the never ending world. 

But Mr. Kiran gave a magnificent nurture to his kids and Aakrati was fashioned with the course of army life, which is the most privileged living of the nation.

“Charity beguns at home” & that’s what laid Aakrati’s foundation to the world of defence.

Her school has been a great support in adding flavours to her dream of defence world. She was in class 3 when she became the sports vice captain of her school which engraved a sense of responsibility in her personifying personality. Those days gave a lot of enlightenment to Aakrati’s life and she decided to Join the armed forces of India.

Now she started surfing for various options to enrich her dream of joining the armed forces. She first got to know about the Sanik School and then NDA but she soon realised that here there were gender differences and these options were only for the male cadre.

But she knew how to carry her patience and got a chance to join the NCC Junior wing in 8th standard. She started living her life of desires and enjoyed every bit of it. It was in her 11th class when she groomed her days of defence by joining NCC Senior Air Wing. This was just a kick start to her fascinating drives towards defence lifestyle. 

During her days of graduation, she started a Defence club in her college and the group of same souls always cemented their efforts to join the Army. It was this piece where in Aakrati inculcated more initiative and her obsession to join defence reached its tremendous stage.

It was during her final year when the Indian navy came to her college for the annual UES entry and that was her first direct contact with the naval officers. The curious nature that Aakrati owned for Defence made her trigger numerous questions to the officers every day during their stay in her premises. This entitled her with the name of “James Bond” by one of the naval officer; Aakrati had so much to be asked for the Defence services. These lessons that she got from that group of officers have given a lot of regulation for Aakrati’s dream to come true.

Soon after this wisdom session Aakrati went for her first SSB in Allahbad for the technical entry and she got recommended in her very first attempt. When luck comes it comes all together and the same was written in Aakrati’s fate. Her medicals in Allahabad were already lined up and she was expected to attend her next lot of SSB for Non-technical entry in Bangalore. Now this was a bit hectic for her to travel and was also not possible to mark her presence at two places at a time.  But Aakrati was a zealous individual for her career in defence and she decided to travel Bangalore for her next lot of SSB, and requested for postponing her medicals in Allahabad for the technical entry.

The next couple of days were a long tiring journey from Allahabad to Bangalore and Bangalore to Allahabad and again Allahabad to Bangalore to certify her success but she was ready to cover even the longest distance to beat her dream and so she did.

Aakrati managed to make her position in both the merits and the lady missed both of them just by the difference of 1 rank. All she could do was to wish if anyone would leave the seat then she will grab that, but immediately this thought went off as she never wanted someone else’s seat. She wanted her own couch of accomplishment and she started her cut throat preparation again.

Aakrati encouraged herself with her strongest belief: “Never give up. Whatever happens, happens for good” 

With no doubt Aakrati made it in her 2nd attempt in both the entries and now she was the topper for both the entries. Aakrati got this happiness on 30th June 2017, that was exactly after 30 years of her father’s day of getting recommended. Aakrati washed that pain from the family and brought a new horizon attainment to the family.

She made compromises with the biggest treasure of her life that is none other than her Mom, Mrs. Anita Sirur. After losing her father in the year 2011 she stayed with her mom almost 24*7, but her thirst of reaching her destination was in demand of separation and Aakrati lived that with her Mom’s support. Along with the pain of separation the challenge was the rigorous training at officers Training Academy, but she sailed through with the support of her amazing course mates and highly experienced DS body. But all these were small compromises that she always won smoothly; all she wanted was to earn the stars on her shoulders to make her Mom feel proud of her.

Aakrati shares the credit of her achievement with a lot many people starting from her Mom & Dad. She is thankful to Major General Kondal for his motivation, support and lessons which were the basic building blocks towards her attractive arena of life.

“Defence is life to her and she loves her life.”

Aakrati believes that when you strive for something, the only thing that you should have in life is that dream. One should be away from the distracting decorations around as they all are just to make you get away from the real beauty.

She has a distinct belief as a nation lover,

“People say that the nation is ours, it is our responsibility. But I say the nation is mine, it is my responsibility. This gives me a feeling of ownership, dependency and the feeling of faith within me for this nation. If we keep on saying “ours” then it might be transferring of responsibility from one shoulder to another but if we say “My” then it is mine completely.”



One should realize the ownership of their life; it is your life, your time, your choice and your decision. Take it your way to make it the best of your expectations from life.