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Problems are undefined initially; it is we who give them a definition with our outlook. Ignoring the fact that there is always a turning scope wherein the hardships can be moulded as the stepping stones towards success.

He was just like any other ordinary graduate, struggling for a job in the competitive fold and never knew that he will travel this long and finally make it. He kept steady in his efforts and had faith in people, and here he is, Introducing Mr. Paras Agrawal the National Sales head of Sensel Telematics Pvt. Ltd.

Life becomes a battle of expectations and a story of ups and downs when the fearless childhood comes to an end and we are garnished with the base effects of the necessary pillars of life. That is when we are expected to give our returns, it is not that our guardians expect mangoes from us but the peer pressure makes them obligated and they have to do so. And the same happened with this innocent creature who was a below average scorer in studies and was unaware of his future plans, not even the raw ones.


Paras was not sure that what has to be done after his graduation but the compulsion of the surroundings that an engineering graduate should only pursue a career in engineering took him in the flow as well. He started his job in a company where in he was designated as an engineer keeping the factual roles and responsibilities hidden behind. But he enjoyed every bit of it as he was assigned with sales task and he always wanted to do this somewhere from his inner conscious. 

Paras shares his dream of being a businessman since class 3 when he even did not knew if it was done by whom and how, but he wanted to do this anyhow. If not exactly business but he got into the main root of the business that was sales and he was giving his best. But the fact of traversing through various corners till you reach the real destination is always true and so he switched with 4 jobs in a year and finally his last “up-down” job gave him the new horizon of success. So it was his 4th job in the year 2013 where his work differences with the director of the company were quite regular into high node talks. It was almost every day that Paras had a point to raise and his director was not in the favour. The imbalance in thoughts and variations of opinions kept on circulating till he finally left the job one day and walked out. But the gem was not expected to leave so early and so the directors legally charged the innocent fellow on cheating grounds with the organization.

Yes Paras was a fighter but not this way, he was shattered, clueless and helpless for the situation he was parked into. He felt as if he was collapsing as being legally charged was never what he has even dreamt of. Yes for a white collared person it is like a big black spot which has been intentionally thrashed over him for none of his mistakes.

This was like a drowning situation for him; he was threatened for leaving and was pulled down by the previous organization on various grounds. Paras recalls those 10 days as the toughest days of his life, he was broken from the nodes within and was turning up with suicidal tendencies. The suffocation he was offered was that torturing, but there were 2 hands who kept him holding and was never left to be collapsed. His Mom kept the blind faith and empathized his situation and ensured him to be motivated. His friend Vinay was another hand of support. Both his mom and Vinay played their roles well and kept him safe and away from the terrifying situation and its worries. There were 2 more people who were the second parents, who took care of him in the best way. His sister Ms. Nisha and his brother-in-law Mr. Anuj were the one who made him feel home with them. These were the two people who were standing in front of him to face the whole situation and also resolved the tricky situation and gave him rebirth. That was the turning point in his life when all bad was over and the good was waiting with wide arms.


“For a lady appears to be a beautiful silent ocean to the world, but it is the ocean who roars and does the hardest and still shines with the deep blue.”

Paras calls her mom a magic woman. For a middle class family it is usually not easy to afford the luxuries and fantasies of lavish scenes. But his mom did it all for him from time to time, he never knew how she managed but she always did. From his wish of studying in a C.B.S.E Affiliated school to his trend walk for preparation in Kota for engineering entrance followed by his wish of adding the title of engineer with his name. His mom did it all even if he was unable to score any extra ordinary percentiles in exams.  His mom always kept him motivated, believed in him and supported his small packets of dreams irrespective of the fact they were without sealed by then. Paras kept his mom’s belief all throughout and did all at the best.


“It is always the combination of belief, trust and loyalty that together can touch even the sky.”

Yes life runs and the crowded streets of Bangalore has left his mom behind in the slow moving life at Alwar. But Paras misses her mom a lot, at times he feels that he couldn’t do a lot for her but silently the shining star doesn’t even knows how much his mothers eyes are glittering by seeing him flourishing and growing. Yes the love of a mother remains incomparable and is always unconditional and expects nothing in return.

Paras shares the credit of his position with the last company from his profile who parked him in a situation to deal, fight and shine. Also he thanks his cousin Mr. Roopesh for his encouragement and the way he introduced Bangalore to his life and has drastically changed his world. 

Bangalore made him earn title title of “Shikari”, by which almost all his known ones in Bangalore know him. Here he met another teacher for life, Gaurav. When he met him he was familiarized with the secret, “If you don’t read, you are not a human being”. So now he loves books, he has realized that books give you confidence and they take you to another journey of the intellectual core of living.


“People should value the good time also if they always complain and cry for the bad.”- Paras

He started his journey with Sensel Telematics Pvt. Ltd as the most junior guy and has now became the cream layer for the Directors and is soon aiming to be the Director. “The Director”, sounds to be a dream for all common individuals, we dream this till our junior school but someone who dreams this in his late Twenties is already an assurance that he is almost there.

He is trying to get his success every moment. Success that is not specific but is showing him the catchy feathers with every next step achieved and is still evolving. He feels happy and confident, he knows that he is giving his efforts and he will achieve his goals soon.



“Money doesn’t come free of cost.  If you are offered with a deal to earn fortnight, step back immediately. Either the way is wrong or the money is not yours.”

If you keep on saying that you wanted to do something in life and you couldn’t do for any reason then actually you never tried and you just were making excuses with yourself and others. If you cannot help someone with their needs, just give them the assurance of believing, even that gives motivation and calmness. Do all what you can do for others for you must have been waved with a situation where you did nothing but others took care and so it is now your turn.