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Sunny Shrivastava

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Meet “Sunny Shrivastava”

“The society still lives under the misapprehension that artistic values can only be the added up flavours, one should stick to a mid hour static job.”

Life is a plate served with mixed cuisines, not all are blessed to have the mild sweetness. Some may have fascinating flavours and some may have nutritious values. Alike, Introducing Mr. Sunny Srivastava the owner of Sunny Dance Company from the streets of Jhansi. He might not be a familiar face from the Dance reality shows but yes he is the potter for many performers on stage.

It was during his early childhood when the colonial get together on several festivals made him tap his feet’s and even get appreciations for the same. Sunny grabbed every chance of performing even with the minimal audience just to keep serving his thirst of being a dancer. Those days were not really like the current ones but were discouraging for an artist to take up his career in his focused passion.

And that is when a small dream started evolving in the city of Jhansi.

Sunny was appreciated for all his random performances with various crowds and was always asked for “Once more shot”. It was a life changing song, ‘Ek pal ka jeena’ from Bollywood which made him manage the movie tickets for around 30-40 times just to memorize the steps well for any of his next performance. Google era was not yet recognized and people had only one option to witness the streaming and that was the big screen. He somehow managed the tickets from his piggy banks support and had the glimpse well.

Now this was the next song he wanted to tap on. The small dreams were getting harvested with a thirst of making his way in the glamorous world of Art. For we still live in a society where people know an individual by his caste defining his profession which really disappoints the Indian manifesto. But it’s hard to get away from the tradition roots in a single snatch, it takes time and so was a battle of tug war planned for Sunny to fight with.

After his first rehearsed performance on “Ek pal ka jeena”, he was appraised by a lot. He was even enquired for how he did it so well, and he was without an answer. It was just his passion, fire and dedication towards dance which made him perform so well. It was then when a huge crowd came running to him to teach them what he just did. The happy mind responded, 

“Even I don’t know how to do this; I just tried with a few steps.” 

“Teach us those few steps and we will be more than happy”- the crowd responded.

He took a moment, thought for it. He had a heavy bag of expectations on his back, he had his parents expecting him to do a government job which was already offered to him and had his joining in the next few days. But there was something coming from heart and he said,

“Yes I will teach you what I know; I will try if this helps you out.”

He took a complete independent decision and took out every penny from his pocket and took a small rented roof to teach people. Initially it was 3-4 people who learned a few steps from him. It was all what Sunny was investing in his life and there were no instant fruits that were coming out. He had to manage his bread and butter somehow and was doing it without any support.

“Life is a garden of roses if you have someone standing with you, yes you will have thorns as well but the dark red roses and their fragrance will mend it all. But if one’s left alone it appears to be a garden of cactus, you have nothing but solo hardships around.”

Support is what he has always lacked off and dreamt for. It took him months to start earning but gradually he started making money and also managed his livelihood. Sunny was making his name in the world of dance and performances in a swift way when there was a decision dropped into his plate from his parents. His parents wanted him to pursue a job and so he had to wrap up his dream from Jhansi. Unwillingly he took his trip to Mumbai for a service sector job, which was not at all his choice but was the only offered option to live a life of his caste statement.

He tried hard to leave his passion back home but it was hard. Days in Mumbai were going without any zeal in it and were melting his originality every day. It was then when one fine day he got to know that his students back in Jhansi are making good name, fame and money. They followed his lessons and now are reaching big places, the places Sunny always dreamt off.

He did not take a re-thought and came back home, but it was no more his city of fans now. There were a lot who had taken the throne and now it was equal to impossible for him to re-earn. But he decided not to step back this time and kept the firm decision go. Now was his turn to find a way and he decided to approach one of his students who was now a famous identity in the city.

But not always you are praised, recognized or followed, and this was the sunset situation in his life. His student denied supporting him to gain his recognition back. He was defamed, was also broken but managed his love for dance. With all his struggles he started his own, “Sunny dance company” and strived for success again.

“You can be lost but you cannot die”- Sunny

He kept his dedication and regained and got his respect back. He owns 4 dance centres in Jhansi now and is shining bright in the mid lighted roads of Jhansi.

People followed him again and he again hears the first statement,

Teach us those few steps and we will be more than happy.”


There will be a lot to pull you down, to shatter you but you will have to keep your conscious strengthened. If you have a wish and you want it to be fulfilled keep working for it, keep trying for it. It is patience that always serves you with the best flavour of life.