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“Age is an apparatus to compute the potency that a personage gathers from his own compilation of occurrence, lessons and goings-on of life.”

Where we might find ourselves being bothered about our own outshine steps of life and the tense situation of life which usually encompasses our decisions, there is an individual who has been doing this for the rest around him and is still striving towards his steps of happiness. Introducing Mr. Madan Lal Shrivastava, who has lived life for 80 years by now but still has his own path to walk ahead with. 

Being a legendry that has lived in 2 diverse centuries, Mr. Madan closely admires the days of the two. Where he says that 90’s was the era of revolts, turnovers and battles it was also a world of peace and flourishing modernity. In the beginning of the practical lives which geared in the mid 90’s, existence was hard and full of struggles. The family earnings were quite less and the livelihood was pretty much due to the culture of joint families. On the other hand there is a huge progress into various Performa’s in the 21st century.

Life has now developed and is moulded completely and the equal distribution of resources has been accomplished onto some extent. Lavish lives are the achievable terminology for a good number of folks irrespective of the fact that the calmness, affection and the worth of life has gone with the era of 90’s.

Mr. Madan comes from a struggling family where it was not garnishing that was missing but at times it was food that was being missed. Madan who was a born scholar by heart but was not blessed enough to have the minimum required necessities like to live the “Right to education” which is still in books for a big chunk.  At times he had no money to pay his school fees and has to skip a few classes to keep him away from the awkward situation. The hardships never ended here but were waiting for him to burst on during his college days too. Madan had 15Rs as his expenditure amount during his college days, out of which Rs 9 was his tuition fees , 2Rs were for his rent and the rest 4Rs was his expenditure amount for the month which comprised food, books, health, clothes, and all what we just take casually in our day-to-day needs today.

“But yes I was marking them all, and ensured my children to have these basics in surplus in their lives.” –Madan.

Though he wanted to study further but he could not do because his father was a retired serviceman and there were no pension schemes during those days. Madan had 2 younger siblings and their responsibility came floating to his shoulders. So soon after intermediate he applied for a job and in the very first attempt he got in Indian Railways at an esteemed position.

After joining his service, he wanted to do further studies but the liabilities of 2 younger brothers were not that easy to ignore for a family oriented man like Madan. He wanted to opt either for Civil services or Medical in his career but due to adverse financial circumstances he had to wrap this dream of his into the verbal’s of this story. 

He was on number 3 in the list of siblings but still did not receive the floats from the elder brothers as they did not realize their responsibilities and was unable to organize the basic pillars for the old parents and the younger siblings and so Madan has to take the charge, keeping his identity aside.  


With all the hardships of life Madan made his mind to educate his children as much as possible with a continuous stretch till they make their own thrones and sit on them with ease. And all the 3 children of Madan proved their father’s struggles to be fruitful and are making names in their respective streams and are gardening their families with all the happiness of world.

“All my kids live a life of luxury today and understand hardships too, as this is what I have told them about grassroots’ but I still prefer walking barefoot as I know from where I came and how high have my children grown. I see my dreams in my shadows, and that is what makes my chest broadened with pride. ”

At times he feels that life would have been happier if his life partner would have walked hand in hand, but her health conditions were not supportive and so Madan has reduced his pace of life and is walking unhurriedly with his wife ensuring that her walk remains comfortable at every step. 

Madan believes in honesty and hardship which he credits for his success and he feels accomplished as he could attain it all with a standard life carved for his younger generation too.


“Good education is the stepping stone towards a shining career which then keeps family happy automatically.”

To achieve success one should keep trying, if not in what you wanted maybe somewhat in your desires you will always win it as he did in his children’s face.


Every individual should try to achieve education as much as possible as education is not just a right in books but is a right in REAL.