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Hansita Sharma

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Meet “Hansita Sharma”

“A hole in her heart was never a blockade between her smile and her life; she fought with it and is living life like a marvel of bravery and an abundance of humaneness.”

She has practised extreme hectic schedule of therapies, exercise and medication since her childhood but has done it all with smiles and courage to ensure that she not only walks well but fly’s high too. Presenting Ms. Hansita Sharma an Engineer by profession in one of the top notch companies of the world and a survivor of an extreme health condition both by nature and by human. 

Unlike the blessings that all of us have, Hansita was born with a hole in her heart which was in need of an operation to take up life ahead. At a tender age of 2 years, she went through her first surgery which unfortunately had several complications and she met a brain stroke, leaving her right body paralysed. There was no option except to halt the surgery and first focus on her breaking breaths to regain their strength. The soldier born soul was given some time to fight her challenge and was re-operated at the age of 7.

By all these years she was so much with doctors, clinics, physiotherapies and sessions that all these became a part of her life and unknowingly the pillars of a sacred soul that was taking shape within her.

Home was a palace of love and affection to Hansita where her parents, brother and Grandparents who were the fillers to her wounds and kept her enthused for every phase and every day of life. After her surgery too it was a challenge for Hansita to stand and walk like the others could do. But for the family it was just a special pair of shoes that Hansita was in need of and was given too. Hansita always admires her parents for all the sacrifices that they have made to walk with Hansita hand in hand.

“It is always a tap of assurance that can enable a drowning body float again, and that is what humans can do which they usually ignore too.”

When she went out from her comfort zone and saw the outer world, she realized that life was not really easy for her. Her initial days of every class were always a battle to fight for, with new faces and the inner fear of being a centre of attraction and hearing whispers of other students discussing her challenge of life. Hansita never wanted people to treat her in a different way or notice her differently as they used to do.

“It’s not always problems that are big to fight with rather it is people who are even more tougher to deal with”- Hansita

Hansita’s grandmother was a big treasure of her existence and the one who taught her the biggest lesson of life,

“Work hard with all the courage that your soul has and make your career shine as bright as the sun. Once you reach that level of excellence, this physical challenge will be surpassed by your achievements and then you will make your own world of dreams.”

Hansita misses her grandmother who has left her behind to keep fighting and keep wining with her lessons that will be there forever. After this major loss, Hansita wanted to leave her city and go out to have a transition journey of her life where she got transformed from an introvert person to an extreme extrovert by nature. She marks her days in Indore to be the most prominent contributor in making her carefree, confident, enthusiastic and commanding as she was never before.


College days were the most precious days for Hansita’s confidence booster where she was surrounded with good friends who pushed her on the imaginary stage and made her speak more and more and helped her to overcome her speech filter challenge which was a hurdle at times for Hansita’s expression. These were the days when Hansita started meeting more and more people from various orphanages, mental hospitals and non profit organizations helping people to regain the beauty of life.

“Social existence is not an easy task for any of us but the pain of the special one’s can be understood only by the one who empathise their mishappenings.”-Hansita

Hansita’s biggest challenge and the biggest support to bear this part of life is the People she met. She was pulled down at times and was forced to feel that not everything is for her in this world; a few things were only for the normal ones. But the soldier by soul was never ready to accept this falser and has always took challenges and has reframed the term impossible with I-m-possible and has done everything that was never expected from a girl like her. She is yet not aware that she has done something wonderful in life but she agrees that she is independent and can lead her life alone.

“At times we might hurt people and unknowingly we are the reason behind their weeps too, but if we don’t realize how painful it can be, we should better turn the table around and live their ways.”

Hansita now feels that her life is for a motive, the one that she has finally found out. She aims of being a counsellor and an advisor for the ones who are still fighting for their missing identities. She believes that it is always someone who can change us and their thoughts may make us even stronger. 

“If just words can be so powerful why not a few can be contributed for someone’s life.”


Even if you can’t move a point form your place you should still have hope. There are people who have changed the world even though they were not blessed enough to have the potentials. 


If there is something that you are lacking in life, there is something that you are blessed with too. Good has given justice to all his children with equal distribution of blessings and luck, it is just your call how you value it and how you live it.