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Neelanshu Skekhar

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Meet “Neelanshu Skekhar”

Inventiveness has no history; it starts from the edge where creativity spills and a new age is born.

Sprinkling a new definition in the world of Rapping, he is trending with his rejuvenation.


“You are not born with precision, but you learn from experiences.

You might fall and fail but what matters is how you stand again.”

Born in the capital of talent- Bihar, Neelanshu has now made his own identity as ‘Neel shayar hop’. His journey of life started from the heart of India- Delhi.  He did his education from the capital and has traversed the small and big struggles of the middle-class family. Exceptionally blessed with a positive attitude, Neelanshu has always been very responsible, calm and constructive in everything that he does. His journey of stage performances started at a tender age during his schooling from Venkateshwar International, School which later excelled in his higher education from Maharishi Dayanand University during his days of engineering. Initially he found keen interest in dancing which he also did well on all the stages of performances which gradually turned into deep love for rapping.


His college buddy Arun singh was the father for this new world who held his hand to see the show through one of the major breakthroughs of rap that was ‘Bohemia’. Neelanshu hardly could understand the lyrics but the tempo caught him and the rewind mode finally helped him to understand the lyrics too.


As it is said, that we get influenced from people around, Neelanshu happily shares the credit of his achievements with his near and dear ones who motivated him to jump into the pool of rapping and with his distinct persona he added a completely different edge to the story. But as it is said the child in us is too inquisitive to grasp it all and the matured human leaves it apart with the pace of time. But Neelanshu never allowed this to happen for himself and after his college days too he kept on writing his raps and made this his strength to hop the barriers of life. 

He tried his luck with a chance to perform in one of the restaurants at Rajouri garden which he calls as his biggest lesson. A room full of people and he was invited suddenly to set the stage on fire. The already high audience was piled up with huge expectations and the first-time performer got nervous to entertain them. It was not like that he had never performed before; it was just that this was for his passion and the flavor was entirely different. He received mixed feedbacks and this kind man took every bit of it positively and self-realized that he had a lot to improve and a lot to work on.

Trends are dynamic, we make them and we break them. Rapping is not just to tap your feet’s but is to touch your hearts, and tell you that the beats are meant to revive.

The challenges of life were waiting to grab him and he started his struggle to find a well to do job from Nagpur. His days of job search were challenging and he never lost hope even in the hard-turbulent days and happily started his career with an average paid job in Pune, as from within he knew that his passion for Rapping will make him smile strong one day. Life kept on moving at its usual pace and this patient young man kept weaving his feelings in his diary which was gradually becoming a strong repository of lyrics. It was in the pandemic year 2020 when Neelanshu’s well paid job expected him to sit idle at home and also bear some financial crisis, when he decided to take the right step. 

He was out of those rare lucky people who got tremendous support, motivation and believe from his family and friends to pursue his dream and the opportunity knocked smoothly. During the days of lockdown, one of his known ones, Bobby Arya who had his own recording studio invited him to record a rap with their association and he agreed with a say. Aryan B music became the first recording studio to offer a chance to this young passionate artist and he gave his best. Within a month he had his video recorded too for which he had rehearsed multiple times at home and was even teased for his weird reactions at times which he enjoyed with the family of four.  Neelanshu says that we should work on ourselves every day, see yourself with a new enhancement every day and learn from yourself. He also has this rare charm of learning from everyone he knows, he gets a lot of inspiration from his younger brother Mani who is an amazing dancer and he praises his art. 

Wherever we have two paths in life, one is to regret and the other is to act and learn from experiences. Neelanshu took the courage to switch his well settled technical job to pursue his passion more. He believes that monetary luxuries are important but then money is not everything and one should get time to explore their own capabilities. He has tried all the verticals of services from marketing to management and happily weaves his experiences in his rapping flow. 

He shares his achievement with his mother and his brothers who have been his companion in all bright and darks. 

“The new era of rapping is ready to bring a constructive change where rapping will not just be about self-praise but will also impart lessons to motivate.”- Neelanshu


Power of consistency is the key to success. Nothing is impossible and there is no tomorrow, do it today and don’t stop until you hit it well. This is just a start and there is a lot to be surfed.