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Sonal Saxena

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Meet “Sonal Saxena”

 “Growth is always consistent. It cannot be a static phase; every day change is permanent and her success is ahead of her all the times.”

Success has a lot of dimensions in its self; to her success is an incessant growth every day. The idea behind her fitness theme is quite clear, she wants herself to be fit at the first and then make the society conscious and fit together. When she got to know herself closely she realised that not only fitness but well being is the most important aspect of one’s life. So, here we Introduce Ms. Sonal Saxena the fitness queen with her stories and steps towards a healthier life.

Being human is the most difficult thing in modern context. Everything that you can offer to another being should first be insured within you well. In order to be an instrument of enlightenment you got to be fit first. The old saying is still the golden secret,

“Health is wealth”

When you travel through air and pressure drops in the cabin, you need to keep yourself safe and then help someone. If you want to help others then you need to be well and fit first. She feels that a self evolved human being is a best gift one being can offer to another.

And that involves all the dimensions of multi dimensional evolution in terms of psyche, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Her journey was in full swing when she was a child; it was her initial days of school which were in full fledge stream through games and activities, which is a very important part of a child’s life. She closely has lived sports and has enjoyed them all. Her interest towards athletics, badminton, track events, karate, and martial arts was inculcated during formative childhood days. Her school and colonial setup was a big contributor to her leap of healthiness. She used to play every evening and this was highly supported and encouraged by her parents. It was quite strict at her home to have the evenings as the leisure hours of the day and play for long. She was deeply inspired by seeing her parents who were yoga enthusiast and believed in peaceful mind and soul to be the real happiness for life. 

Sonal, an ex-servicewoman from the defence forces of India used to train herself on her own on all physical activities like running, crossing the parapet walls, home quarters to strengthen her physical skills.

Life is a bunch of happenings and circumstances, and it is a journey where each day of the journey demands a lot. No matter if people plan, but still most of it remains unpredictable, despite of your best plans and best efforts there are still certain things which turn out or come out in a way which may not be your favourable outcome or likeable choices. But then life goes on and the so happened for her.

She frames that when we talk about destiny we have multiple destinations. That is why she compares it as journey of a train where everyone has their particular stations. Her journey in air force ended due to certain unavoidable circumstances which were priority and her physical presence was required. Being ethical at times turns out to be the biggest fally of a person. She decided to do it with the best of her mind, she was feeling that she had to compromise in one role and give it to another. This is the turn where one has to take the decision and she was left with no other choice. It was not like she was unable to handle, but she had promises to keep and take care of things. When you are a defence officer you have diverse duties and so it becomes difficult to handle the nation love and family love together. Infrastructural support is needed for a woman to fly that way. And this was missing during her days of need.

When she left defence and she was trying to look for her missing identity, she got interviewed at places and she started as a teacher, though she found herself good with it but her call was something else. To explore the same she started looking for job in corporate, and then she joined one of the most reputed organization of the world as a resource manager for change management professionals based at US. It was nice but again a job in front of computer screen was not her perfect match, she loves travelling, she loves being free and she loves flying.

She cannot be stuck at a place; she was not for a desk kind of job. She felt stagnant, it was not her choice. The US shifts made her life shuffled. It was impacting, the constant thing on the bio clock, it became tuff and she was getting back pain and was troubled with migraine, that was a time in life when she really decided her destination to be fitness and wellness.

She was from maths background and she thought of taking training and certification to train others with authorities. She is a high degree of empathy and she considers herself to be a sensitive individual, she always wanted to be an instrument to be of some good to humanity. And this is what she feels she actually belongs to. It gives her immense satisfaction and a feeling of joy and content. Along with that she did English language training and became a soft skill trainer as well. She imparted these trainings to M.B.A students in reputed M.B.A institutes.

Fitness to her is a holistic term, which is multidimensional. Just some set of exercises and some diet plans do not make you fit. It is from inward to outward. People think that outer appearance is the instrument to check fitness but it is more of an invert feature rather than an outward manifestation.

This simply means that has a major element of one’s mental and emotional fitness and it is a huge part of what is reflected in ones external appearance. And so fitness is not a static destination, it is a journey, a never ending one, where one has to be constantly striving at the next step of destination.

She shares the credit of her well being with her parents. Her mother is a naturopath and her inclination towards nature therapies and her belief in yoga and ayurveda is her step of trust.

To be the way she is there has to be a lot of self discipline, she has to avoid the day to day temptations of food and stay committed to one’s training and stick to her decided routines. Ethically, you can only preach what you can follow because of your firm belief. You need to be fit by yourself, you have to lead from the front and then give it to others. Her journey started by her own but the enrichment was after leaving defence which was her dream. Defence training was a huge part of shaping her fitness career and she lives that happily. Once you leave something which you have achieved as a part of your dream it gives you a feeling of loosing something that was everything for you. At times people start feeling out an identity crisis.

Though I love flying but if it is between fight or flight situation I will prefer the fight.- Sonal


“The lotus flower blooms most marvellously from the deepest and thickest mud.” 

Any change in one’s life poses a challenge and an opportunity onto an individual to render one selves positive or negative. Positive changes require lot of efforts and commitment whereas a change towards negative is rather easy and convenient that’s where the complacency lies. That is the basic reason why success stories are fewer, only people who are committed towards harnessing the potential of failure or darkness and converting them into the positivity of life are the super high achievers.