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Chambah Russell

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Meet “Chambah Russell”

“Where we all are blessed enough with more than the basic amenities, there are a few who fight for it, struggle for it and still keep on the widespread smile.”

We always feel that distinctively our life and its halts are surviving with the hardest battle, but on the contrary our drive is quite smooth on the road of life. There are a few who still take education, food and shelter with a lot of hardships and still dream of giving others the same with an ease, Presenting Mr. Chambah Russell a lively individual who sponsors life by his own for himself and for a number of people back in his country .

He comes from a lower middle class family from the Republic of Cameroon which is a country in the Central Africa. Where we live in a myth that the Indians are the solo sustainers of family bonds and responsibility, Russell erases our misconception with his story of life. He is an entrepreneur by profession and is working to offer the basic luxuries of life to his younger ones. He lost his dad at a tender age of 3 years, where it was impossible for him to even realise the major loss. The family of 6 was left alone and the king was no more to hold them tight. Russell’s mother was quite worried to take care of the five in her house but she took the accountability and managed to do her small business to keep the cycle of life going.

 It was then too not enough to manage the education of the little ones and so Russell’s Aunt took the charge of his primary education. Russell being an excellent scholar was performing remarkably wonderful in his studies and her aunt was proud of her and so was his mom. But it was not that easy to step up for secondary education as it was not possible for his Aunt to fund him for the same. 

And Russell had a long way to go and cross the bridges of the word “impossible”. He decided to sponsor himself for his education and firmly took a decision to work the hardest and complete the highest level of education. Now the path to reach the destination was not that easy and was full of ups and downs but he has always been a traveller with a big smile and a heart full of love. Russell proved himself to be a multitasked individual and studied in the secondary school with earning his daily wages from small jobs, he collected every penny for his fees, for his basic needs. But yes the needs were never of any pleasure, just the needs that are the basic pre requisites to live. Even he could have enjoyed his life with the left over funds after paying his school fees and managing his daily needs but he gave it to his family to make sure their needs were full filled and they could keep smiling the way he always wanted.

The young individual was full of dreams and has proved the below myth to be a complete fallacy,

”qualification has anything to do with profession”

 During his days of hardships and struggle for a right like education he started working on web development and proved out to be an entrepreneur by fate. Russell says that he doesn’t know what the term “Luxuries of life” means but he knows what the world “hunger of life” means. He has understood the term “life” well as he has paid for his livelihood by his own. Russell states that, 

“One should never feel low if they were not born with a golden spoon, they can always think of dyeing with a golden spoon”. 

And so are the steps of Russell on the road of life, he wants to be rich enough to make a 100 count educated. He wants his hard times to be isolated only up to him and wants the rest around him to live at the fullest, with the best. And so , This angelic soul has collected the similar spirits from around him and started a NGO to ensure that his thirst for helping others gets successful and so they are functioning with their pledge. 

 After secondary he applied for university as he wanted to strengthen the roots of his life by being educated more and more. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make in the entrance exam and he took a turn to flourish his programming skills, and he came into the world of software development and started his own company, bongalo estates. He learnt by his own, he struggled, he collapsed, he fought and he groomed. Yes it took time but he did it well. The young stream of life is now certified with 2 International certifications and a bachelor degree, yes he is on the way to achieve his dream of buying his golden spoon.  

When he was a child he had a dream to be a doctor, but not all dreams are made to be lived with open eyes. And Russell accepted the fact happily and has moulded his career path well as a developer.  After completing his graduation he was asked by the family and relatives to take up a job and earn like all others do, but he took his stand, he was left alone, he was scolded, he was cursed but he had his strong believe in his potentials and he made his efforts come true and is now developing different projects from around the world and making others dreams come true. He has strongly decided not to let the dreams of his family down, he has a younger sister for whom Russell has planned big, he wants to impart the best level of education to her and bless her with the pleasures of life and make her flight to the highest destination. Unlike of the independency and selfishness that a youth can have, he takes his family to be his responsibility and wants to give the best to everyone in the frame.

He feels that he has a lot of responsibility, and he has to ensure that all are met well. He always keeps himself motivated and excited for every new day and the challenges of the day. 

There have been a lot of weakness that he has triggered in himself but he knows how to mould them into strengths. At times he feels low but he knows how to get up as that’s the only way to consistent happiness. 


Believe in what you want to do and follow your dreams with all your efforts and dedication. There will be times when people will not support you and may show distrust in you but you need to be calm. The response shall be steady enough and you should keep trying and once you shine bright people will get back to you and trust you again with closed eyes.