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The human race is full of colours and so is
this beautiful world where in we all live and enjoy life.

The world is comprised of two sections of individuals, one who really work hard, smile in the darkest, walk in the thorns, keep running to endeavour in the direction of victory and they are the ones who are the hidden motivators. On the contrary there are a few who get scared of failures, who feel themselves to be alone, at times they want to quit, they feel that they are facing the hardest of all. The survivors of such situations forget their inner distinctiveness, their beauty and their originality which actually contributes in the diverse arena of the world. It’s hard to face failure, it’s hard to assemble courage to step up again and to fight again, and that’s what one needs to gear up in life. The darkest times are usually supported by a Ray of hope, its empathy that strengthens the power of a human being at times. You might feel that “You are done” but you get your socks pulled when you hear someone climbing the rope back from the “You are done” situation. That whisper of someone else’s story makes you initialize a comparison, about the privileges and the hard storms of their and your lives. That’s when you wipe your tears and get up. It’s not that easy yet but it’s enough to be pushed, you just need to take a step, and the positive intuitions within you will make things happen, you will relive again.

“Ages, nations, situations are no boundaries to a living heart.”

“People I met” is an initiative to make the drowning life’s come up again. We humans are in a tendency to compare-cry-compare-smile, and that’s what People I met do. There are a numerous around who have done wonders and still remain unaware of their motivations that has made others live. This is a platform of such hero’s from around the world who are the off screen idols for the people around them.

Bringing the world under one single roof, people I met also traverses its readers to various stories, trends, travel tales and every possible league that happens around under a single roof.

Come let’s wave through the journey, hear the names, their stories, their motivations and realize that it’s not important that an idol can be only someone who has been recognised on a renowned stage or has his name in the top 50’s of a survey. It’s rather not necessary that one has to be successful and be satisfied in all aspects of life but instead it’s important to keep the living root’s blooming within you, don’t worry if you are not earning bucks, don’t feel low if you have not accomplished your childhood dream of being a star or an officer. Pave that impending that you had to dream that big, speed up, empower in yourself, and be carefree of the hardships that are following you. Keep your eyes stuck like a horse to the arms waiting at a distance to hug you, that’s where you success lies. Come let’s meet such People and sketch their motivation to our new source of Inspiration.

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